Latest Alternatives to Google: David, Meet Goliath

There is no question that Google is the goliath of search, bigger and more powerful than any other search engine.  But with 70% of the lucrative search engine market share, there is bound to be constant challengers to their position.  Google usually buys out any serious competitor before they can become a threat, but that doesn’t stop some very smart people from trying to build the next Google.

Whether interested in the financial prospects, ethical interests, or because they like the challenge, new search engines are popping up everywhere.  Here are a few of the latest and coolest search innovations.

My personal favorite, DuckDuckGo takes privacy very seriously.  They don’t track your searches or click behavior.  They also produce a mighty fine search result and have tons of nifty features and add-ons.


Blekko has the biggest push behind it since Bing.  Although they produce a nice search result, I think anyone could with $25 Million in venture capital behind them.  They use hashtags to help searchers sort through notoriously spammy results like “online degrees”.

twitter search

Despite my longstanding opposition to everything Twitter (read: I don’t care what you just ate for lunch), Twitter is being used as a new search tool.  Their user base has reached the size that it can actually provide a somewhat accurate, real-time presentation of what’s happening.

wolfram alpha

Wolfram|Alpha is about as real as it gets.  There’s no flip-flop spam here, just detailed facts.  You pay a price for those facts, but cutting out probably 99.99% of the searchable web.  If you’re looking for many obscure results, try one of the above searches.  If you need encyclopedic results, go with Wolfram, if you can remember the name.

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37 thoughts on “Latest Alternatives to Google: David, Meet Goliath”

  1. 🙂 Wolfram alpha is a great one compare to any other. Though each of them has some unique thing, i prefer wolfram alpha for maths search 🙂

    Google is almost like trillion dollars keyword 😛 tough to bring alternative.

  2. Wolfram Alpha is insane. I remember seeing this when it was a bit more primitive a couple years ago. It’s like some vast database of intense mathematical information and it can solve equations and make all sorts of expert calculations.

  3. DuckDuckgo seems the best of the ones mentioned. Its simple, slick and fast and accurate, just like google a couple of years ago.
    Wolfram Alpha – is nothing I ever seen before, amazing!

  4. They are all good, especially blekko. It makes just a lot of sense to me to just crawl a limited number of high quality websites for a specific topic.

    But if you’re searching for something really unique, only big G can help you 🙂

  5. The only one I’ve heard of before here is the Wolphram one. Although its not exactly in competition with Google & Bing because it returns a different sort of results!

  6. I don’t think there is any other search engine on the internet that will be able to capture Google’s position. In comparison to the new ones introduced, the duck duck go is the best search engine.

  7. I wasn’t ever that Google has so many tough competitors. I always thought that Google is the alone and the best search engine all over as I kept reading and heard all the time only about Google. Search engines apart from Google that are mentioned above seem to be very interesting. I will surely use them. Just wondering whether these newbie’s will be able to offer data as much as Google?

  8. It is so amazing I have never came across such a post before means I am not at all aware of any on these. But I don’t think that these are really a problem for Google as a lot of users are still unaware of most of these and when they tend to seem a threat for Google , Google will surely come with something more valuable to keep its position at top.

  9. Apart from Google, blekko is the only other browser I have heard about though I have not used it yet as most of us are comfortable using Google. I have heard some people saying that blekko takes less time to load the data requested on its page. Is that true? If this is the case than most of us would switch to blekko instead of Google.

  10. I think the last one in the above list by the name “Wolfram Alpha”” is lately introduced as most of us are not aware of it. But yes, can say that Google is now undergoing immense stress and pressure in terms of maintaining its position and stability in the market. The competitors are good but I still think that Google in faster in providing results than the others.

  11. I wonder how will these search engines be able to attack Google. Goliath means giant or huge and mind it Google itself is very huge. It has covered 98% of the world and thus it would be very difficult for its competitors to reach the level at which Google stands today in the market. I don’t think anybody would be able to beat Google.

  12. i wasn’t heard about i always used … its not exactly in competition with Google because it just crawl high qaulity website and it search a different sort of results!

  13. Yes at times when Google does not work well, it would be feasible for you to use the other alternatives. I think the users will use it only whenever Google does not respond. The left over time the users would not use it as they have only Google set permanently in their mind and can think of only Google at the time of searching for anything on the internet.

  14. Hey I am surprised! I always thought that Google is the only search engine that is available on the web. Good to know that there are many other search engines on the internet. I would surely like to use these search engines. At times it may happen that I am unable to understand the meaning of something, and then I have the other options to search from.

  15. Great! I had never heard about Google’s competitors and now they have their presence online. Duck Duck Go sounds a little kiddish. I think more of youngsters and kids would be attracted towards it. The other two are which I have not used yet. But I am sure that if they are Google’s competitors they would surely be good in terms of quality.

  16. Google is an addiction and everyone is these days addicted to Google. Once In the evening I called my friend just to know what he was doing. The moment I asked him, he said “”he was googling””. For a while I started thinking as to what googling meant? Then he explained that googling means researching on Google. So now you know that Google is everyone favorite as all of us are addicted to Google.

  17. Yes I think these search engine would not be able to compete Google because the position that Google has now, would never let anybody take over it. It’s been satisfying its customer for years till now and yes it would be a very tough to convince its users to switch on to some other local search engine. So till then Google needs to relax.

  18. Its really amazing to see how Wolfram Alpha makes all the huge mathematical calculations soo easily. I had read it once that the first version of this search engine had about 5 million lines of mathematical code which ran on 10000 CPU’s. No wonder how its able to provide results with such accuracy and speed.

  19. I have even heard about Bing as a search engine used by most of the online researchers. I think more the above mentioned ones Bing is more used. Also Bing I guess has a tie up or a partnership with yahoo. I don’t really know and I may be wrong. But bing is trying hard and is now used by most of the users so there are chances of bing soon coming to a position near to Google.

  20. Google has no good alternatives. Before they rise, Google buy them. Duckduck go and blekko are good but good enough to even stay near bing when it comes to quality of SERPs. Let’s hope facebook and apple together launch something better 😉

  21. The only search engine well known to me is Google. I know of some of the other search engines who are recently placed in the market. They may have tried grabbing attention of a few of the Google users but diverting my mind from over Google is very very difficult. I think trying to grab my attention is completely worthless.

  22. Ohh that’s really great to see so many of the search engine trying to divert attention from Google. They are putting in good efforts must say that, but Google has a very huge market and business and overtaking Google would want you several decades to do that. Some of the names I found seem to be attractive while some others are just too good and have a very professional approach.

  23. Let me ask you one question and then we revert back to this topic. What if you were asked to switch over from using Google to some of the other above mentioned Search engines? Would you easily change your habit or would you still stick to Google? Yes, Google has proved to be an addiction to almost all of the population situated all over the world.

  24. Blekko seems to be interesting. The looks of blekko that are displayed above are just amazing and have a very professional approach. I think the others seem to be very funny and kiddish. I think it’s only the youth that will get attracted to such kind of search engines rest others might either continue with Google or blekko or wolfram.

  25. I would love to use these sites as I am now bored using Google. My Google is not responding well and now I feel that I should try on some other search engines instead of sticking with the same search engine even after knowing that Google on my PC has become very slow. But hope these new search engines provide me the same kind of results which Google provides.

  26. Opening a Search Engine is not as easy as opening a website for your business. Search Engine Optimization is a very big process and cannot be just done only once. It needs to be updated with the latest information and so the updating process is a very big task. I am glad that many of the others have come up with the idea of introducing new search engines in the market which can compete Google.

  27. Google has never upset anyone. In fact everybody very happy using only Google because of its excellent performance. I am very sure for even if people try to switch over to some other search engines, they will surely come back to Google one day since there are no such search engines like Google who can provide such quick results within fraction of seconds.

  28. I find WolframAlpha insane. I can’t see it being anything other than a fringe product that will only have value to a competitor if they want to enhance their offering.

  29. Ok. For a while let’s imagine that Google does not exist. There only the above search engines that are handling the internet market. How will the scenario be? Will they be able to reach up to the mark that Google has reached? Will they be able to provide the kind of services that Google provides? I think NO! Google, till date provides complete satisfaction to all of us.

  30. Yes, off lately Google has got many alternatives and seems to be in trouble these days. But I am sure that Google’s trouble is going to come to an end because firstly Google will try defeating its competitors and secondly the current satisfied users of Google are not going to let the importance of Google go un-noticed or get disappeared.

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