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As this blog is very new, I would like to share some of the start up knowledge that I have learnt, or wish that I had thought before I began. 21 Surefire Tips for a Successful Blog Launch is also a very good article if you are thinking of starting a new blog and are looking for some advice.

Before launch

Get at least 5 posts ready

You really don’t want to launch a new blog with less than 5 posts. So you really need to get writing and and get some good content ready. If you have another blog, that has the odd post that relates to the topic of your new blog you could export those into the new blog.

Familiarize yourself with your blogging platform

Make sure you are comfortable with how things work, for example: how you send a track back, what your RSS feed is and how it works, how commenting is set up and how to write posts etc.

Make sure RSS is available

As a new blogger your main target for readers will be other bloggers. Bloggers use RSS readers to track other blogs. You need an RSS feed set up before you begin. Setting up a feed burner feed is the best option as it adds all sorts of extras which allow you to promote your feed, and all sorts of statistics which enable you to track the progress of your feed.

Select a theme

First impressions last, you want your blog theme to be appropriate for your intended target audience, and you also want to consider usability. Pick a theme that suits your needs then stick with it. You want people to remember your blog, and you don’t want returning visitor to be confused about whether they have visited before. The odd tweak is fine, I know I like to play with presentation, but don’t change the overall look.

Plug-ins and extras

Install all the necessary plug-ins. For a good list of some options you should consider looking at: Top 30 WordPress plugins

Everything else

For a complete check list to look through after you have installed WordPress check out: WordPress – Complete post install guide. For other blogging platforms there are similar tasks which need to be worked through, however I won’t go into detail as I highly suggest that you use WordPress as your blogging platform.

After Launch

Share your best posts

Share your best posts on social media and bookmarking sites like Digg, Reddit and Netscape. If your post is a hit, it will bring your blog some much needed traffic.

Leave comments on other blogs

Remembering that other bloggers are your main target audience when you are starting out, and you need to let them know you exist. Leaving a comment on their blog that is intelligent and adds to the topic is a good way to get started.

Include tons of outbound links

Although lots of outbound links aren’t good for your page rank, when your starting out you won’t have a page rank anyway, so it’s not like you have anything to lose. Also, you want to send out lots of links to other bloggers to let them know you like their work, and also, to get track back links back to your site.

Start real relationships with bloggers in your niche

Start communicating with bloggers with-in your niche in ways other than via your blogs. Send them an email, IM them. You need all the friends that you can get in this game. It’s probably a good idea if you look for people that are on a similar level to you. Darren from Problogger probably doesn’t have time to chat with you via MSN about ways to boost your blog traffic, so focus on other bloggers with blogs that are about the same size as yours.

Build incoming links

Most people with a blog or Web site know the value of incoming links. You need to work out tactful strategies to get links to your site.

Ask a friend to give you feedback

When you spend a lot of time working on a project you can lose perspective about what is good. Get a friend to have a look at your blog. They don’t need to know anything about blogging, just get them to have a look and see what they say. Also watch what they do. Maybe they will point out things that you hadn’t thought of. Maybe they will have problems figuring out what the purpose of the site is. Maybe they will find it hard to get around the site. This is a great tip for improving any blog, and it is better to get that sort of feedback earlier rather than later.


I hope this article has given you some ideas about paths to success when starting a new blog, there is no sure fire set of instructions that will work for every blog. At the end of the day, you are going to need to keep producing good content day in day out to be a success. But there is always the odd exception to the rule, and the odd case that changes the rules for everyone else. Good luck with your blogging.

17 thoughts on “Launching a New Blog”

  1. Hi Sam, thanks for dropping by. There are lots of different ways to get traffic to your blog, the good quality posts will give them something to read once they are there.

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  3. I would put a big highlighter on “Start real relationships in your niche”. My blogging friends have helped me so much. Every day I try to add one new “Blogging friend” to my network.

  4. I like you point about making sure you have at least five posts up. My blog got dugg (to death) on one of it’s first posts which meant I had thousands of visitors who had nowhere else to go after they had read the post. That was such a wasted opportunity, I’m still kicking myself for it!

  5. For several reasons Digg, Reddit and Netscape are not the best ones to promote or post your content if you just start. Niche oriented or local social news sites can in many cases be a better alternative.

  6. @ Carl: Thanks for stopping by.

    @ Simon: Yes, there’s really no point in getting those visiters to your blog if they only have the one article to read. 5-8 is a good place to start! Cheers.

    @ Tadeusz: Thanks again for your valuable input, I need to explore some of these niche oriented sites when I get back from my holiday, I have only had moderate success with Digg, reddit and Netscape, so I am always looking for other places to promote my blog. Thanks again!

  7. I started my blog recently, and did all of these things as well. One other thing I realised was that your blog doesn’t need to be perfect on the launch.

    Two weeks later, and I’m still tweaking the theme, editing and installing plugins etc. If I had waited to “perfect,” it, my blog still mightn’t be launched!

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  10. I started a blog and didn’t familiarize myself with it. My site went down after only two days, i got it back up and a week later it went down again. I finally got tired of it and so I stopped messing with it. It hasn’t went down since. I now realize that you are so right, get familiar with the way your blog works and save everything before you decide to hack with things like I did.

  11. I have started my new blog and it is having only 5 posts. But already I have told few people about it. And also my last article got few stumbles and went to the front page for the tag blogging. So almost many people know my blog now itself. Now I have to concentrate on what you have written for the after launch part. Thanks for the good article.

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  13. I’m grateful to came across with this post. I’m planning to launch my blog a month from now and i’d like to thank you for this wonderful tips. I know that this would come in handy. Thanks a lot!

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