Make Extra Money with Adsense

This is a basic Adsense tutorial for beginners. I have added it as a video on Youtube. The full text from the video is below.

So you’re only making a few cents a day from Adsense and you don’t know why?

What are the biggest mistakes?

    1. Not having a defined niche

Adsense clicks pay out based on keywords relating to your content – if it isn’t clear what keywords relate – you won’t make money.

    1. The wrong traffic

Visitors from social sites don’t click ads. Visitors from search engines do.

    1. Not researching your keywords

You must research keywords if you don’t want to leave your search engine traffic up to luck.

    1. Not having unique content on your sites.
    2. Poor ad positioning

Get your Adsense ads in front of your readers’ eyes if you want to make money.

What can you do to get more search traffic?

    1. Pick higher traffic, lower competition keywords in higher paying niches.

Yes…yes, it’s easier said than done…but research!

  1. Get anchored backlinks to your content .i.e links that have your keywords in the hyperlink.
  2. Write content optimized for those keywords .i.e. have your keyword in the title.

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  1. Good information here. It’s easier to find keywords that will give you search engine traffic, finding higher traffic keywords is even easier problem is when you have to find high traffic keywords with little competition. Is there anyway of finding out how many sites are actually using a particular keyword?.

  2. I’m gonna say #3 is probably the most important and the hardest part of it all.

    Though I do think social linking is good because it influences relevance of your niche in search engines thus pushing up your SERP.

  3. Nice video with good content. Actually, there is not a lot more to making money with adsense. Only, to do it right requires a lot of trying and optimizing.
    So the message is easy, the practice is not.

  4. #3 is the toughest. Even with all the keyword analyzers out there, how accurate are they? And do you trust Google Adwords to give you the straight deal? Probably not as they want to keep the good ads for themselves.

  5. Great tips but in a general niche like with my blog (like boing boing or neatorama) I’m afraid that I’ll have to wait until I have enough traffic to put CPM ads out there before I can make any money… Am I right? I’m really not sure I could get traffic ads with “random” traffic.

  6. You can try and find sponsors on large forums? Otherwise CPM is best for random traffic and social traffic, although any site that doesn’t have a defined niche is very hard to make money from, because you will still get low paying CPM ads with no defined niche. I only put PPC on posts that get traffic from search engines, or you can try the plugin “who sees ads” and only show ads to visitors from SE’s. If you have any posts that get a lot of search traffic you can try PPC ads on just them…working well for me.

  7. Adsense is getting more and more difficult to make money with, so tips like this are appreciated. Keep setting goals and trying to make more, little by little. Thanks for these!

  8. Good tips. I’d say that (1) and (3) are the most important. You need to define a niche, otherwise you just won’t attract a loyal audience, but you still need to carry out keyword research or any keywords you rank for will be achieved purely by chance.

  9. Indeed this is a nice post with clear points. I’ve been problogging from last 3 years and I can say that for starters these points are must. they should certainly keep these points in mind while applying adsense

  10. I think that people really need to pay attention to the titles of their articles. Make these article titles that exact long tail terms that you think people will type into the search bar.

  11. I am so glad to stumble upon your blog.I found a lot of useful articles about website marketing.I had adsense before.But i didnt make much money from it.Now i want to give it another shot.

  12. I totally agree with you! A blogger must target a keyword with high volume of searches but less competition. In that case, there is a great chance of being listed. The article above is a great read especially for newbie bloggers.

  13. Keyword research is what most people do not do. It definitely do wonders, if we devote some serious time in keyword research.

    Sometimes, our schedules are so hectic (searching net for post idea, SEO, social media marketing), that we forget the very basic stuff.

    Very useful video for novice as well as experienced site owners and bloggers.

  14. I think defining your market is the most effective way to track traffic. This is also one of the most difficult challenges that SEO’s face. I try to base my content on my keywords as well. This helps drive more traffic and helps search engine spiders.

  15. i have a decent amount of visitor in my site but earning is poor. hope your advice will help me to increase my income. thanks, this is one of very few blogs that was worth the read, a great insight, you should be commended for your time and effort.

  16. Thanks for the video; when post is bundled with a video it clearly states what you want top explain. Without the video, things just seem pretty technical. Keep up the good post.

  17. It would seem like in most cases Adsense would be a waste of money. One would think that the investment would be better if placed in regular pay per click advertising.

  18. You make good points, and it is amazing how simple the concept is however so many people make it more complicated than it is. Find a marketable niche, and have a quality landing page that the ad reflects. If folks do that, there shouldn’t be any problems!

  19. You know I feel the thing, which we rarely give a notice on, is that traffic should be stable or on the increasing end. So keep posting quality contents and promoting them..Once you get the hold of it, you are sure to make big with Adsense…

  20. Yes, the three basics, choose the right sites, research adwords, and presenting catchable adsense ads, are to be taken note of by any beginner to internet marketer.


  21. You’ve pretty much summed it up to a tee here. Having the right niche and researching the search volume and your competition makes all the difference. this is why adsense doesn’t work on all of the sites! Another important factor is how much those keywords are worth – on my IMBL site for example, most are only a few cents a click – but on other sites some are $18-98!!

  22. Thanks for sharing.I think that people really need to pay attention to the titles of their articles. Make these article titles that exact long tail terms that you think people will type into the search bar.This is what attracts great surfers and your targeted audience.

  23. Now I see your views on adsense, but what do you think about selling your own advertising slots? Do you think the time spent is worth it?

  24. Adsense is great for many bloggers if they are in right niche. One thing to consider – do you have more profitable options and how much do you get per click. Sometimes AdSense will cost you more that it will bring and investigating options outside is a must

  25. Number 1 and number 5 are most important for me. I used to make mistakes there, but not now. You really have to nail a keyword down and put the AdSense in your visitors face.

  26. Good Stuff!

    I’m constantly amazed at how many people do not know the basics of making money with adsense. Or how many do not take a minute and read the TOS.

    Excellent video. Thanks for sharing.


  27. Not having unique content on your sites. That’s huge. Maybe not just ‘build it and they will come’, but you do have to build something worthwhile, or they definitely won’t come.

  28. Thanks for the info. It’s really tough to do all the things listed, plus try to fulfill orders, and SEM at the same time! Gonna try some outsourcing.

  29. Big blocks at the top. Although, on one of my main earners, I make the most money from a well placed link unit. Just 4 links, although that site gets a lot of search traffic. I would think that 5 link of adsense ads on your forum would get a few clicks? Although I have never run a forum so I don’t know what CTR are on them. CTR tends to be higher on less technical subjects, so a webmaster forum is never going to make that much from PPC.

  30. It’s very clear that work is needed if you want to get money out of your blog. Planning is also important to develop a good strategy to place your blog in the eyes of people.

  31. I made the mistake of not choosing a specific niche for one of my first blogs. In-fact, I tired to cram 3 niches into one website and wondered why nobody was clicking my ads.

    If you’re interested in 3 different subjects, make 3 different blogs. This way your readers will love you, and so will Google.

  32. Adsense can pay off big if its setup correctly. Stay away from celebrities the clicks are only worth .02-.07 cents. Insurnace pays big but isint searched as much. You need to find a happy medium.

  33. One thing you leave out of your summary: Make sure you put your Adsense ads above the fold.

    I can’t tell you how many times I see sites with their ads waaaay down at the bottom of the page. Then they wonder why they don’t get any clicks…

  34. yes yes it is the same story. i already know all this stuff here but you know what… there are a lot, really a lot of websites which make good money because they are known in the Web. keywords, seo,etc are good but in the end is the traffic that counts. two months ago i wrote two articles about Google Chrome. in a few days they got quite famous in the internet and i made good money with Google for a whole month. i had 2000 visitors more a day. so you see what i am talking about…the more visitors, the more backlinks the more money…

  35. highlighting the adsense ads could also do the trick. Because if it is too blend with the content people might not notice it

  36. Make sure ads are blue or links are blue. You would be suprised how many people do not realize it is link if they are not and never click on the ads.

  37. nice great tips thanks im the one who is just earning a cent per day at adsense i hope i could boost my earnings i’ll try to follow your tips thanks!

  38. I like to use adsense as extra money. If i have some product that is a good one i do not put adsense ads on that page it takes sales away. If site is mostly info adsense makes the best way to earn money.

  39. If i have a good product i usualy do not have adsense on same page. It can take sales away so i use it on info pages or pages i have nothing people would be interested in. Adsense is a good way to make money but not on all pages.

  40. Hi,

    Being an author of an art related blog, I can say that I write about a niche. It may not be a very searched subject, but I suppose that it doesn’t have so much competition.
    In this niche, I try to develope a quality content to gain returning visitors.

    Best regards,


  41. The hardest part yet most important is finding high payout keyword niches, but once we got the keyword we will enjoy the “game”

  42. I have to agree with simon that adsense link units seem to make more money. Sometimes a search box also pays very well. I think ad units get smart priced easier so links make the most money if you can get the traffic from them.

  43. Social traffic may not generate direct ad clicks (during the initial wave), but it elevates your site’s stature online, by creating many backlinks and a steady flow of traffic even after the initial surge recedes.

    1 front page Digg article can set you up for many months of moderate AdSense revenue.

  44. You’re right about social traffic. On of my biz partners started blogs at the same time as a friendly competition. His site has about 3 times the traffic mine sees, but makes literally pennies a day. It’s all social traffic. People reading forum posts, commenting on pictures, etc.

    Mine is 90% search engine traffic and averages about $3.00/day. Makes me happy, even if it isn’t the optimal way to a long lasting site.

  45. Make sure to use only a few keywords in each page. If you make a niche and traget high paying terms you should make more money from adsense.

  46. That sure does sum the basics up well. I would ad one, don’t get discouraged. Many people quit to easily, doing well isn’t easy, you need to keep trying in order to make it.

  47. Adsense is a great way to earn your share from the net. But placing ads on blogs just launched is not a good idea. One must wait till the number of daily visitors crosses at least the 200 mark.

  48. Many good pointes here:
    Not having a defined niche one of the most important point. Also, not researching your keywords may bring the wrong traffic. And last, poor ad positioning. Thank for the post.

  49. Making extra money with adsense is always an important to me. It is so hard to do that, though because google keeps changing it up and I can’t help what people click through to.

  50. Based from this, I think I’ve made some mistakes on my blogs regarding ads on my blogs. Will try to correct it using the guidelines here. Thanks for these.

  51. I think getting smart priced is one of the biggest mistakes people make, because most don’t even realise it’s happening! I recently discovered that my account was smart priced because I had adsense on a number of blogs, and a couple of them were not targetted enough. It’s not all that intuitive, but what this does is reduce the amount you get paid for clicks right across the account, even on your “good” sites!

  52. Finding the right keywords and terms to use is the most important thing. Researching everything before has to be the most important thing you can do and if you do it right you can make money.

  53. This article is helpful. I don’t have poor ad positioning but it’s not “right on the face” of visitors, as that can be annoying. My visitors come from search engines, but I’m not making money as I supposed to.

  54. Well, it’s a good thing I discovered here that social traffic does not work at all. That means that after all we really do have to put all of our eggs into Google’s basket, because MSN and Yahoo hardly do any good!

  55. Not only do you see lousy conversions from social traffic, it’s a pain in the neck to keep up with. You’re always trying to post the latest “cool” think to keep people coming back. Targeting search traffic is so much easier and more effective.

  56. Social traffic is so annoying. I can’t stand all the Facebook, twittering, blogging that people are doing! If they are just so social, get out of the house! It’s a never ending pursuit and not a very profitable one at that.

  57. It sounds easy to increase your adsense revenue. But sometimes it depends on how smart you are to work on it.

    Yes, you are right, mostly traffics from social communities are unlikely to click your advertisements, this is because they are one of blog publishers too. And again, the most important to get ORGANIC traffic from search engine, rather than other source.

  58. Google Adsense is a great tool. I use it on all of my sites, and I make money with it every day, even if it’s just a few cents. If you’re not using it on your website in some fashion or another, I recommend doing so.

  59. It cannot be stressed more how Content is King when it comes to making money online from adsense. People like shoemoney have proved this. I like the idea you shared on keyword research, therefore guys research and research more.

  60. Thanks for clearing that up. Now,i would focus on search engine optimization rather than social media marketing. I thought users from social media sites click ads but you made that pretty clear that they don’t. More power!

  61. Social traffic is so annoying. I can’t stand all the Facebook, twittering, blogging that people are doing! If they are just so social, get out of the house! It’s a never ending pursuit and not a very profitable one at that.

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