Mobile Phone Blogging

Orginal Blog Post:

It’s not all that easy or enjoyable to write blog articles on a mobile phone. So before you go on vacation make sure you write some extra posts and use the post date feature to publish them while you are away. Galway in Ireland is very nice by the way :)

After writing the original post via my mobile phone, as quoted above for a bit of fun when I was on holiday, I got to thinking about posting to blogs via mobile phones, so I thought I would add the following information for anyone interested:

    Opera Mini – A great little tool for browsing the web on your mobile phone. It uses very little data which is great for your phone bill and it’s easy to use. You may want to turn off images, as they look rubbish via a phone screen and waste data, but it does a great job at checking your blog, making comments, and even making a short post as above.
    Yomoblog – I haven’t tried this myself, but is a service that is aimed to make it easy to blog via your PDA or Mobile phone.

I created pingable back in 2007 and I still love blogging about Wordpress.