Most Profitable WordPress Affiliate Programs

There are many WordPress affiliate programs you can choose from.  But not all are worth the effort.  Bloggers love writing, that’s why they do it.  However you can also make a few dollars through affiliate programs rather easily.  Many bloggers prefer affiliate programs because of the higher payouts and because you can reduce the number of annoying advertisements shown to your readers.

Some WordPress affiliate programs pay out a couple dollars per conversion (a registration, product sale, etc.) and some offer over $100 per conversion.  Without any more delay, here is a collection of strong, profitable affiliate programs we have found useful here on Pingable.

WordPress Affiliate Programs

ThemeForest WordPress Affiliate Program

ThemeForest, an Envato marketplace is an excellent WordPress affiliate program.  It is simple to use because you simple add a short code onto any URL from the site.  Most themes on ThemeForest are high quality, which makes sales virtually happen on their own.

CodeCanyon WordPress Affiliate Program

Another Envato marketplace, although much smaller than Themeforest.  The conversions are fewer, but you can zero-in on quality WordPress plugins which are applicable and useful to your readers.  Watch this WordPress affiliate program closely because as it grows, so will the profits.

Elegant Themes WordPress Affiliate Program

ElegantThemes is one of large group of quality premium theme creators.  It may be their stylish design or the high quality coding, but for some reason this WordPress affiliate program converts quite well.  Perhaps it is because the membership only costs $39 for a year, and the user is given a series of excellent themes throughout the year.  (It was only $19 when I first joined).  The affiliate program pays at 50% which is a nice share of the profits.

WordPress Affiliate Program Tools

Ninja Affiliate

Ninja Affiliate is a powerful plugin for WordPress sites.  It automatically converts specific keywords to affiliate links for you across your site.  You can control how many keywords are turned into links to prevent spiders from identifying you as a spam site.  Although this tool does not necessarily provide a new source of income, it can very well increase conversion by dramatically increasing the number of links users can click.  The plugin costs $39 and seems to be well worth it, although Pingable has not yet adopted the plugin.

Pretty Link

Pretty Link is a free plugin that cloaks your links.  A smart user will find your affiliate link and remove it, perhaps using their own.  A link cloaker is not a sneaky tool, it is a tool that maintains the integrity of your links, letting you profit by providing useful information to readers.  We use Pretty Link here on Pingable, and it works out very well.

See Also:

Magic Affiliate, a plugin that lets you run your own affiliate program on your WordPress site.  This can be very useful if you sell something or charge for memberships to your site.  Offer tiered affiliate programs, signup bonuses, integrates readily with WP E-Commerce and Magic Members plugins.

14 thoughts on “Most Profitable WordPress Affiliate Programs”

  1. Awesome list Cyrus, haven’t tried most of the products you have mentioned here, and I think I have to try them out first before starting to promote them. There are also other profitable wp products out there that might be suitable in this list such as ultimate SEO plugin as well as thesis and genesis theme.

  2. I think adding a wordpress theme affiliate program to your blog is a great idea, as at these times so many people maintain blogs, which makes it basically a mainstream sponsor. However, I don’t want to plaster my blog with all these sponsors. Is anyone of these standing out? Which ones performs best for you? Thx.

  3. Adding wordpress affiliate programs to your blog is a great way of monetization. Everyone who has a blog is always looking for good themes. Great post!

  4. I like the looks of the Ninja Affiliate plugin. Inline links often convert better than banners or image ads – especially if the content is interesting.

  5. Uhhhh… affiliate is not a good strategy if you want to earn money as a living. Affiliating is also related to gambling and taking long – term risk.

  6. Thanks for the list Dusty. I am using “Elegant Themes WordPress Affiliate Program” they are paying good. My feedback will be 10/10 for them don’t know about others. I think everyone must have one of these affiliates on their blog.

  7. Great list. These are definitely the biggest and best WordPress affiliate programs. I’d also check out program for themes and the affiliate program for plugins!

  8. Do you think these are the most profitable programs? Maybe I’m wrong, but I thought ThemeForest only paid commissions on the first sale or deposit and no residuals. It would seem that this would make companies like Elegant Themes that offer residuals or Theme Fuse that offer commissions on every purchase much more profitable wouldn’t they?

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