makes WordPress a snap

In this previous post, we talked about ways to install WordPress.  All of them have been eclipsed by this new service in terms of ease and speed.  Our friends over at take the full WordPress install and cram it into 2 minutes.  Watch the video here.

You’ll pay for the service, but not more than a standard hosting package @ $14.95/month plus a free domain.  Check them out here!

They offer “power ups” which are discounted WordPress-related services and products like those from Woothemes.  Plus, sites support all standard themes and plugins.  Plus, a number of themes are pre-installed so you can access them within minutes.  They said it best: “Easy like with the Freedom of”

Heard enough? Check them out here!

Or check out our full: WordPress Hosting Guide.

7 thoughts on “ makes WordPress a snap”

  1. This article talks about the ways on how to install WordPress with a new service in terms of ease and speed. Thanks for sharing your great article to us more power to your site! G-d bless 😉

  2. A few of my friends have used I should give them a shot. Two minutes for a wordpress install is pretty good.

  3. This is a good deal. But I am allready with another service provioder that provides wordpress installs. It is a good server and I am not too keen on moving all my files. Too bad I didn’t see this earlier.

  4. That’s great! I will definitely check into things and get rolling. Thanks for all the great material, links, and the video, you’ve been an awesome help.

  5. I’m really happy with WordPress hosting. For those of who are not developers, it makes having a domain easy and carefree. Not sure I could handle much else on my own

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