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WordPress Real Estate Themes Roundup

As WordPress moves closer to becoming a full content management system (CMS), it becomes more capable of being a real estate portal; so I decided to drill down into the possibilities of WordPress Real Estate Themes.  I recently dug into a few of the available WordPress Real Estate Themes to find out which are the best, and which don’t cut the mustard.

I was looking for features like property searching, front-end property submission, attractive styling, payment options and flexibility in terms of customization.

What I found was only a couple good themes, and a lot of first version, basic themes.  I also explored combining plugins and themes to meet all of the feature requirements.

Here is a quick summary of the results if you’re not interested in reading the whole thing.  There are two good themes for WordPress Real Estate management and zero good plugins.  Although each theme or plugin had some nifty features, no package did everything I wanted.

WordPress Real Estate Themes

Estate by WooThemes

One of, if not the most powerful WordPress Real Estate Themes available.  Estate Theme includes Google Maps integration, category support, and native tag support.  The theme is also the most expensive at $200.  The simple design will appeal to many designers as they can make it their own pretty easily.

Major Real Estate Features:

Includes integration with a premium IDX/MLS listing plugin.  This feature allows your website visitors to search the multiple listing service and populates your site with tons of content.  This plugin costs money though, a $100 setup fee and a monthly fee as well.

WordPress Real Estate Themes

WordPress Real Estate Theme by Templatic

The Real Estate Theme is the nicest design we found for WordPress Real Estate Themes.  However, that makes the theme a bit larger to load and one main feature is missing: the ability to create land/lot listings.  This is a pivotal feature for many designers and it is missing.  I spoke with the designers who pledged to add this feature in a future release.  At $89, this theme is more affordable than the Estate theme, but is still somewhat pricey.

Major Real Estate Features:

Automatic Google Maps integration, front-end property submission and smooth payment integration.  You can even set different prices/levels including charging for featured property listings.

Realist Real Estate Theme

This theme relies on the admin to add listings, which is fine for most WordPress Real Estate websites.  This theme is asthetically pleasing, and comes with most major features.  For only $27 and 5 color schemes, this theme is the best for the average Joe.

Major Real Estate Features:

Full property search and feature property feature allow this theme to play with the big boys while being super competitive in price.

WordPress Real Estate Themes

Elegant Estate WordPress Theme by Elegant Themes

This theme is just as it describes… elegant.  I’m a long time fan of Elegant themes and they’ve really stepped up their game recently.  Their version of a WordPress Real Estate Theme came out looking smooth and clean.

Major Real Estate Features:

A powerful slider shows off your premium listings and automated thumbnail resizing and scaling is built in which means less work for you.  A browse listings widget snags your visitors and converts them to participants.

WordPress Real Estate Theme

Real Estate Plugins

Great Real Estate Plugin Roger Therieault

A plugin that is full of features, but not styled very well so you’ll need to be good at design to make it work for your WordPress site.  One key feature is included which should be in all WordPress Real Estate plugins and themes: automatic Google Maps incorporation.

WordPress Real Estate Plugin

WordPress Real Estate Plugin by Dr2007

This plugin is designed to work with another WordPress Real Estate Theme called Real Estate Listings.  The plugin claims to offer a number of features to handle your property management.

Wordpress Real Estate Plugin

WordPress Real Estate Themes and Plugins Conclusion

We hope you’ve found this to be a helpful tool for choosing WordPress Real Estate Themes and plugins.  In summary, the WordPress Real Estate plugins out there leave a lot to be desired.  You’re better off buying a good theme that has the plugin functionality built right in.

If you’ve found your own helpful WordPress Real Estate theme or plugin, please share by leaving a comment below.  Or, if you have an opinion on one of these WordPress Real Estate themes or plugins, please also share that.

20 thoughts on “Premium WordPress Real Estate Themes”

  1. Good list – wanted to add another theme that I created and released on

    It’s called Meadow Ridge and features an integrated property listing tool using the new custom post type feature in WordPress. I’m really proud of it and think it is the best designed real estate theme on the market.

    Check it out:

  2. Hey Cyrus (like in Miley?),
    You covered the subject of wp real estate theme really well and maybe will help someone who wants a fast and cheap(or at least reliable and easy to setup) solution for their new estate selling websites.
    Can you do this kind of post for a magazine like website? I searched a while ago for theme and/or plugins to start a wp blog that should be just like a magazine. Needless to say that I abandoned the idea because I didn’t found anything suitable.

    One more thing, the fact that you didn’t found what you wanted (because the market doesn’t have it) you could do a business here. Hire someone to develop a complete solution for a wordpress real estate theme included with plugins and market it on the internet. I think it should pay for itself!
    Have a nice day!

  3. Great list my favorite is the really like the club membership. I wish will be something for limousine or transportation services to power our websites. Thanks again for the great article.

  4. WordPress is continuously touching new horizons of success. Being the largest CMS in the world, it still has so much to achieve and this real estate application is just one of the many things that can be done with WP.

  5. 200 price tag I think is quite fair. Some theme websites drive down the cost of themes which almost means it isn’t worth building them. Unless you get a lot of downloads you won’t make any money at all. If a real estate company is setting up a website you would think they would have the capital to afford a decent theme.

  6. Cyrus

    Thanks for this list, Many real estate agents would benefit from getting a hosting account and setting up their own site.

    Many agents currently purchase templated site from companies like advanced access which doesnot come close in flexibility to what you can do with your own site

    Thanks again


  7. WordPress is continuously touching new horizons of success. Being the largest CMS in the world, it still has so much to achieve and this real estate application is just one of the many things that can be done with WP.

  8. If you pay my website a visit, you can see that it’s all Swedish. That is because I’m Swedish myself, and because all my customers are Swedish as well.

    Anyways. I’ve been thinking about starting a real estate business in Sweden for a very, very long time — even though I strongly believe selling shoes is my thing.

    But. If I ever do start my business and decide to create the website in WordPress — these themes sure will come in handy. They’re almost tempting me into starting the business as soon as possible.


  9. Real Estate themes have to work pretty hard to meet the demands. The Custom Post-types in wordpress are helpful in keeping all the properties, neighborhoods, videos and blog posts sorted.

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