PSD to WordPress – A Review of is a service that will convert your Photoshop site designs into a fully functional WordPress themes. In this article I will review their PSD to WordPress service.

WP to WordPress

What is the service?

This service is aimed at designers. The sort of designer that can produce amazing site designs in Photoshop, but maybe isn’t as comfortable programming. The idea is that the designer produces an amazing design in Photoshop, takes that design and produces a fully functional WordPress theme, that is fully standards compliant and cross browser compatible.

What is the process?

  1. You submit your project details and Photoshop file using their request a quote form.
  2. They will contact you if the project is approved and work with you on the details of your project.
  3. The development team creates the theme.
  4. Once the design is complete, you are provided with access to a demo site to ensure the final design is what you asked for.
  5. You pay for the service, and once payment has been received, they will send you the completed theme in a zip file.

What we did to test their service?

To test out the quality of their work, I put together a simple Photoshop design. The design was a concept I had to make it easy to produce simple Niche WordPress sites. I gave them very specific instructions, such as the need to have a selectable logo, a selectable background for my header, and a selectable niche graphic.

What was the result?

The theme I received was well coded, clean and exactly what I asked for. The theme has an admin option section so that I can select various graphics for my niche sites. Communication was good, and they asked appropriate questions to ensure they were creating what I was after.

We will be sharing the theme they created for us for free in an upcoming post. I want to source a few niche graphic sets to provide with the theme to make it more useful for people. Once I am done it will be yours for free.

Final word

Their pricing looks very good. If you give them a week to produce the theme they will have it to you for as little as $190. Also, as you get to see the theme in action before for parting with your cash, you know that you are going to get what you ask for. From my observations, this is a very professional service that will be ideal for many Photoshop designers out there.

Disclaimer: This is not a paid review, and this post contains no affiliate links. We were given 1 free theme conversion for the purposes of reviewing this service.

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  1. Chopping up Photoshop designs can be quite tedious so a service like this sounds like a good idea to me.They also do psd to html, we already wanted to outsource some slicing work, there are other examples of there work?Many thanks for the kind review.

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