Review: Manage WP

review of manage wp

If you’re like me, you are running multiple WordPress websites with different goals, content and readership.  In my experience, dedicated WordPress administrators keep coming back to WordPress as the foundation of most any type of website.  This leads to many different WordPress installations.

Although WordPress is so easy to use, so managing multiple sites is not a monumental task, it can be helpful to consolidate wherever possible.  I was recently looking for a way to manage several of my WordPress sites from one location.  I found Manage WP and gave it a good trial run.  I’m now sharing what I learned with the Pingable community.

It is important to note that with the deprecation of WordPress MU (woven into the standard, a stronger need for multi-site management became evident.  Manage WP seems to fit the bill and solve most of the multi-site management features that were appreciated in WordPress MU.

Note: This is an objective review.  Although Manage WP has an affiliate program, we do not participate so you can trust the opinions in this review are impartial.

The key benefits outlined by the company are pretty nice:

  1. One-click updates.  You can update the WordPress core as well as plugins on all of your websites with a single click.
  2. Completely secure.  I haven’t personally tested this claim, check out our WordPress security infographic for more on this.
  3. 24/7 Support with a 35 minute response time.  A nice feature, but you shouldn’t need emergency support with a premium solution, right?
  4. Automated backup and restoring capabilities.  A very nice feature.

Other benefits to note include:

  1. One-click access.  After everything has been set up, you have access to all of your WordPress dashboards without having to remember multiple passwords.
  2. Manage WP partners with Sucuri to ensure your WordPress site is as secure as possible.  Nothing is a guarantee, but Sucuri is very very good.
  3. Lots of backup/restore control.  You can choose to keep your backup files on Amazon S3, Dropbox, FTP or email.  Fancy.
  4. Uptime monitoring made easy.  Keep track of when your site goes down and be notified.
  5. Traffic monitoring.  Be notified when you receive a traffic bump.  Super helpful for those paying for cloud or scalable hosting.
  6. Integration with Google Analytics and SEO tools.  Extra helpful for admins that put the time into managing their SEO.  Monitoring all traffic from one location can be very fun and rewarding too.

The downsides:

  1. If your Manage WP service is hacked or password stolen, the jerk would have access to all of your sites.
  2. A bit pricey.  If your WordPress sites are paying for themselves, or even better, paying your bills, Manage WP is worth it.  If you are a part-time blogger that is only in it for fun, this may not be the tool for you.  The free plan offers the security feature, plus some of the optimization and monitoring features, but not all of them.  The cheapest fully-featured plan at press time is $4.00 month for up to 5 websites, that’s .80 cents per website per month.
  3. They have a self-hosted solution but it is not for the small operation.  The prices for self-hosted solutions are not listed and you’re asked to contact a sales representative which is not a sign of a small investment.

The summary

If you are a professional blogger or WordPress administrator, Manage WP has the potential to save you serious time and consequently, money.  If you are a weekend blogger, this solution is overkill.  Even if you’re just running a couple websites, I would stick to the standard dashboard.

The features are impressive, and the interface is smooth and functional.  I am impressed with the user-interface design and the thought that went into the flow.  As a professional WordPress administrator, I find Manage WP worth the money.

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  1. I’m also using Manage WP and I’ve begun to like it. I’m on a trial currently and using it to manage 3 of my sites, but I’m already seeing great results. It also helps me in SEO and other technical aspects like backup, site load time, etc so I’m thinking of subscribing to it.

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