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If you have ever come across, you’ll have noticed they have an incredible design.  It is use-friendly, professional and there’s just something about it that makes you want to subscribe to their content.  That feeling is due in part to the high quality content found on that site.  It is also due in part because of the design.  I contacted Birdtone to see what makes them tick and how they conceive designs.  This is an unpaid review of Birdtone Designs, the shop responsible for this cutting edge design.

Using Bloggtips as an example of their design strategies, you can see the content is priority one.  There are no flashy, distracting features.  If you notice two things on the page, they are either the content or the conversion tools (subscribe form and social media links).  That’s it.

They specialize in blogging designs with a focus on user experience and content.  Their designs are simple and so very easy to use, even a two year old could find what they need.  That’s a compliment.

They do two things really well.  Simplicity and a nifty “ripped paper” effect.  When each are used in the proper form, they create exceptional packages.  I don’t want to speak out of turn, but the cost of their designs are less than you might think.  Although it sounds otherwise, this was an unpaid review of Birdtone.  Here are a few designs from their portfolio.

blogging tips custom wordpress design

pizza reign custom wordpress theme

flippa tips custom wordpress design

12 thoughts on “Review of WordPress Theme Designer Birdtone”

  1. They really do have a really enticing design that really draws your attention to the page. I agree that based on the design alone it draws you to the content they publish. I think that designs need to be visually appealing, but also yield to the content at hand, as that is one of the main purposes of most pages. Thanks for this informative article.

  2. I agree, birdtone haves some really clean and simple themes. Its a plus like no other, making the content visible and while not distracting users. Of course if the theme is to simple it may be considered boring, its a dangerous balance…

  3. Everyone loves pizza! LOL
    Thankyou for mentioning that you are not being paid to review their themes! I don’t enjoy browsing blogs only to find hidden ads.
    I looked through their portfolio and actually enjoy their hosting sites over the blog layouts.

  4. Nice review dusty, I hadn’t heard of them before. I am currently using a premium theme from theme-junkie on my blog. But will surely check theme out when I need a custom design for my blog.

  5. Simple, clean – Birdtone makes website designs just the way I like it! I love their portfolio. I think I need to recommend these guys to the people responsible for my own company’s website (which is a mess by the way!).

  6. Thanks for sharing this. Birdtone designs is an example of the best blog designers. Focusing on user experience rather than flashy images and videos is what makes them one of the best. Some blog owners forget that their blog will be read by humans like them and go on to hire a designer that will stuff their blog and make it take 20 minutes to load. Since birdtone does simple designs (which is what I like), I may hire them in the future I can afford the fees.

  7. What is it about wordpress themes, I can never find the perfect one. If I knew php I’d have a go at building one from scratch. These Birdtone are pretty good to be fair tho.

  8. Your blog very nice and informative .Review of WordPress Theme Designer Birdtone. is a nice blog .Birdtone makes website designs just the way I like it! I love their portfolio.keep it up 🙂

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