Round of Colorful WP Themes

These themes all demonstrate the excellent skill of incorporating vivid color.  Designers have masterfully chosen color pallets… sometimes wide ranging, sometimes simple.  Have your own example of a great use of color in a WP theme?  Please share as a comment below.

12 thoughts on “Round of Colorful WP Themes”

  1. Vivid colors definitely add brilliance to a WP document but proper contrast between background colors and text should be observed. I like the rainbow colors of the Haza theme but some of the texts were a bit difficult to read.

  2. nice themes, but in my opinion they are too colorful. i mean you can
    t use any of them for a serious blog.. maybe for personal ones, but not even that

  3. Are this themes for free? if yes, Where? I had a theme i like which was featured on but now i can’t find it anymore.
    Anyway, I a most of a clean design kind of guy so no color bloated pages for me.

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