Tactics for Blogging success without SEO

Tadeusz Szewczyk has written a good article on Blogscoped called 10 steps to success without SEO.

The main points covered are:

  • Discover your niche
  • Use WordPress
  • Create a killer CSS design and submit it to CSS galleries
  • Allow trackbacks, use dofollow
  • Socialize, write comments and link other blogs
  • Include social media on your site, use social media yourself
  • Write your own content, say something new, express yourself
  • Compile what you know or what others said and publish it
  • Contribute to your favorite online publications
  • Add new content at least every second day

With each point more detail about specifically how the point helps is discussed. While I agree with all the points, as a blogger with a full time job I have found the last point the most difficult to follow. I often have a spare day or two, and I will write 2-3 posts, read a lot, leave comments etc. But then I am unable to look at my blog for a few days, and I often feel my good work is being let down by my inability to post daily or at least every second day. What are other peoples thoughts of this topic?


5 thoughts on “Tactics for Blogging success without SEO”

  1. This is great to know. I’m working on several projects, and while it’s been easy to get a trickle of traffic from Google, I see that I need to come at this from another angle.

  2. Writing articles is a crucial step for blog owner. Is really hard to write 4-5 articles per week, I mean good articles. If you want to have good, original content, you must to read a lot, to know everything about your niche, must to be a guru. This take a lot of time, and I think is hard to do this as a part time job.

  3. This post are very informative for me on the subject of SEO. Though short, but that is enough. A bit here and a bit there. Thanks

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