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5 Reasons WordPress is Better Than Blogger

Wordpress vs. Blogger

Many beginning bloggers start on Blogger because well, it’s free, isn’t it? Plus, it’s not nearly as scary as having to deal with hosting and servers and FTP and who knows what other impossibly complicated things.

The thing is, if you’re serious about your blogging, you’re going to have to deal with these things sooner or later, and the cost for an entire year of hosting isn’t much more than a movie night for a family of four. With professional hosting in place, you’ll feel far more investment in your site.

Still not convinced? Here are five reasons WordPress is better than Blogger.

1. WordPress is much more customizable. Sure you can do a few things to pretty up your Blogger blog and there some things you can add on, but when it comes right down to it, the difference between the two is like the difference between renting and owning a home. A rental might let you paint or maybe plant some begonias out front, but ownership allows you to tear that baby down to the studs and go crazy building it back up.

Some people might not want or need that option, but your site IS your presence on the web, don’t you want it to fit you like a glove?

2. You’ll be taken far more seriously on your own domain. Although you can use blogger in conjunction with your own domain, most people don’t go through that step and are thus nameofblog.blogspot.com. It’s not easy to remember and looks amateur. And if you’re going to go through the trouble of buying a domain name and pointing it to Blogger, why not go the extra step and secure your own hosting? Most web hosts will install WordPress for you if you purchase a hosting package and it’s not that much more difficult from that point to begin blogging on WordPress than it would be on Blogger.

3. WordPress is very search engine friendly. Although Blogger is owned by Google, the WordPress platform has an edge when it comes to search engine optimization. Not only is it structured better for the search engines right out of the box, there are plenty of plugins designed to give you every sliver of SEO advantage possible. And with all the competition for search rankings, you do need every sliver you can get your hands on.

Of course Blogger blogs are indexed by Google and can of course achieve search engine rankings, but WordPress does offer a clear SEO advantage.

4. You own your WordPress blog. Blogger blogs are owned by Google and can be shut down at any time. Of course, Google isn’t insane and most of the time they have a good reason for shutting down a blog, but do you really want to be that one case out of 10,000 where they make the wrong call? Even if you’ve saved all the content and images you’d posted on Blogger, how will you rebuild all the inbound links and PR on a new site? If this were to happen to you, you’d more or less have to start from the beginning.

On the other hand, if you own your domain and WordPress site, if your host decides to shut you down because they feel you use too many resources or have violated their policies, you can simply pack up and move to a new host, blog intact. Again, it isn’t likely that Google would shut you down like that, but do you want to give that control to an outside corporation?

5. Blogger blogs have a certain reputation. It’s not fair and nobody should be judged by their platform, but many people have a prejudice or bias against Blogger blogs. I know sometimes I’m hesitant to even try to comment on one as so many make you comment with your Google account and then require a CAPTCHA on top of that. Blogger seems to have a reputation as being more for mommy/journal type blogs rather than serious bloggers.

Of course, that isn’t true of everyone who uses Blogger, but if I were starting from scratch, I’d go with the platform that didn’t come with a reputation for being amateur.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the Blogger platform if it fits your needs. But if you have the smallest inkling that one day you’ll grow out of it and want to make the move to WordPress, it’s far simpler to start with your own WordPress blog today and save yourself the hassle of trying to move later.

Hosting can be found for as little as $5 a month and you’ll be working with one of the most customizable blog and content management systems out there. WordPress offers so many advantages over Blogger, it seems silly to start with anything else, unless you’re not planning on going anywhere with your blog.

Sean Platt is a content marketing specialist who offers free WordPress tutorials at WPSimplified.Com. Follow him on Twitter.

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WordPress VS Blogger

Blogger and WordPress are two of the most popular blogging platforms. Blogger and WordPress are often compared to one another and the supporters of each of them try to prove that their beloved blogging platform is the best. While in many aspects this comparison is subjective, for many people WordPress is the more advanced blogging platform.

History and Ownership of Blogger and WordPress

When Blogger and WordPress are compared, it is fair to start with their history. Blogger is much older than WordPress. In fact, Blogger is one of the first blogging services and it was launched in August 1999. Its creator was Pyra Labs and a couple of years later (in 2003) it was acquired by Google, which is its present owner.

Google is a top company but the fact that Google owns Blogger is not necessarily all good news for bloggers because Google can close your account whenever they want to. Well, they don’t have the habit of closing accounts at a whim but if you want to be the real owner of your blog, this possibility should ring a warning bell in your head.

WordPress came much later to the blogging scene – in 2003, but it quickly managed to gain millions of users. WordPress is one of the most popular open source applications and it is the worldwide open source community that powers its development.

Why WordPress is Better than Blogger as a Blogging Platform

There is no doubt that both WordPress and Blogger are popular as blogging platforms and both of them do a good job but if you want a dedicated blog on your own –  i.e. a blog with its own domain name rather than a blog, the URL of which is a subdomain, you’d better go with WordPress and look for a webhosting company which offers WordPress hosting. There are many such companies and in the next section we’ll briefly mention three of the top WordPress hosting companies you might want to consider.

It might be easier if you can create a blog hosted on blogger.com or on wordpress.com but having your dedicated site beats it in almost any other aspect. You can install both the Blogger script and WordPress on your site but if you use Blogger as a standalone script, you will soon discover that it lags much behind WordPress.

Nobody says that Blogger is unfit as a blogging platform but when you compare the number of features each of them offers, WordPress is the clear winner. What is more, if you compare vital features, such as plugin/extensions availability, themes, import functionalities, or tracking, WordPress is light years ahead. Yes, there might be a couple of features where Blogger beats WordPress but this is more of an exception than a rule.

Top 3 WordPress Hosting Companies to Consider

There are tons of webhosting companies, which offer WordPress hosting and the choice is not an easy one. Still, as with any other type of webhosting, if you pick an unprofessional webhosting provider, trouble is around the corner. This is why you need to carefully choose your WordPress hosting provider. Here are three companies, which are known for their 1-click WordPress installation and for their reliability as a whole:

  1. iPage. iPage is an excellent webhosting company and its WordPress hosting is not an exception. Many users are extremely pleased with the WordPress hosting service offered by iPage and this is why we recommend it.
  2. JustHost. JustHost is also a great webhosting company and its WordPress hosting service is also top-notch. You might want to try JustHost as your WordPress host.
  3. BlueHost. BlueHost is another webhosting provider we can recommend. BlueHost also offers WordPress hosting and you might want to give it a try.

WordPress hosting isn’t a very special type of hosting but if you are a newbie, the installation of WordPress could be a bit hard for you. To make your life easier, find a good WordPress hosting company and go with them. Alternatively, you can host your blog with WordPress or Blogger but this limits you in many ways.