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Official Facebook WordPress Plugin Causes Serious Lag

For the last few weeks we have been trialing the official Facebook WordPress plugin. It seemed like a no brainier, adding some nice features including a nice widget the floats down the bottom of the page and encourages users to browse more content on your site that has been popular on Facebook. However, we have noticed on our setup that it was causing some serious issues.

  1. We had some heavy backend lag, and sometime backend pages wouldn’t even load, the comment moderation page seemed to be the worst.
  2. We noticed that the front end of the site was much slower to respond too. It seemed to double the response time of the site which floats around 400-500ms, and has been averaging over 1000ms since we enabled Facebook’s official WordPress plugin.

Pingdom Response time report

I guessing the conflict may be something to do with our setup. Pingable uses a MAXCDN to speed up file delivery, so it may be a conflict with that or the way we have W3 Total Cache configured. Either way…a slow site isn’t good enough, so the Facebook plugin is going for now.

I’d be curious to hear if others are having issues with the new Facebook plugin. A quick search on Google uncoverd a few others having the same issues as we are: