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Excellent Free and Premium WordPress Magazine Themes for 2012

Online magazines are not just for major publication companies, with the some energy and a great WordPress magazine theme, anyone can create one.  If you are willing to put in time and very little money can create a wildly successful magazine.  Just look at Huffington Post, started by an individual in her home, recently sold to AOL for $315 million.  Overpriced?  Perhaps, but Ariana Huffington isn’t complaining!

The following are some great WordPress magazine themes.  They are well designed, bring lots of organizational function to the WordPress site, and are fun to navigate.  We hope you enjoy them.  You may also enjoy this post about WordPress magazine themes.

The Morning After (Free!)

Premium News (Free!)


The Daily Press



Felici (Free!)

Sight (Free!)

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Simple, Elegant Free WordPress Themes

Designer Marios Lublinski has put together some truly beautiful, free WordPress themes.  They are simple while elegant, making use of sharp contrast between black and white.

They are built specifically for designers to showcase their work.  This works because the colors palettes are simple and basic.  His themes are minimalist in that they don’t draw focus.  Rather, they direct the browser to focus on the content.  This is why his themes are built for artists and designers.  I his words:

I design and develop modern and minimal WordPress themes. My focus for this website is to develop many beautiful WordPress themes for graphic designers, illustrators and mainly artist, to display their amazing artwork.

Here are some of his free themes

Note the attention to typography and minimal font sizes.  I also particularly enjoy the strike through mouseover link styling.  A couple of these themes return to the left-hand menu layout which was a common trait of designs a few years ago.  Personally, I enjoyed the style and would love to see it make a comeback.

Contemporary Design

Studio Dessign

Minimal Dessign

Swiss Dessign

Style Dessign

Check out all of Marios’ free themes here.

Note: This is not a sponsored post.  I just really like Marios’ work.

jQuery Powered Sticky Footer Plugin

In a recent post, we hinted at the development of an exclusive jQuery powered WordPress Plugin. Today is the day! We have released the brand new, completely unique WordPress Constant Footer Plugin.

It uses a jQuery plugin combined with the simplicity of a WordPress plugin to create a super-simple sticky footer. The footer sticks to the bottom of the browser window regardless of how/where the user scrolls.

Complete with an easy-to-use dashboard settings page, the WP admin can change the opacity, color and height of the footer. Utilizing a slick fade-in effect, the plugin allows any HTML to be entered by the admin and displayed to the public.

Use the plugin to:

  • Showcase new content
  • Display site news
  • Encourage Twitter, RSS or other social media following
  • Offer premium, unique advertising space
  • Flag user attention for breaking news
  • And anything else you come up with!
  • (Tell us how you’re using the plugin in the comments belows)

The plugin is completely free, although donations are much appreciated.  Here are some helpful links:

Plugin Homepage | Demo | Documentation

Inclusion in the WordPress.org Plugin Directory is pending.  Until then, you can download the plugin from the homepage or by clicking here.

This plugin was developed by Pingable.org and released to our community of readers first.  We like you that much!  As with any new plugin, be patient as we work out any bugs.

Here are some screenshots:

Sticky Constant Footer PluginSticky Constant Footer Plugin

30+ Free Simple WordPress Theme Designs

If you are looking to pay for a WordPress theme, the first place I would start is Elegant themes…for $39 you get access to 77+ professional themes that are constantly updated and added to.

Wordpress Magazine Themes

I was looking for a free minimalist theme for a site I was working on, and I found a whole heap of great options, so I decided to make it into a post. Most are pretty minimalist, others are just simple designs. Hope you find them useful.

First some Premium themes


Demo | Buy


Demo | Buy

OK….Here’s the 30 FREE Themes…



Demo | Download






Demo | Download



Download Continue reading 30+ Free Simple WordPress Theme Designs

25 Amazing Free Photoshop Graphics

I have put together a list of Photoshop resources for you guys. All of the resources link to PSD files that are free to download. Please check the authors’ sites for licences. Some are free for personal use others are free for whatever. Have fun.

  1. Vista Flare Orb Vista_Flare_Orb
  2. Party Crowdparty-crowd-psd6089
  3. Film Framefilm
  4. Grunge City 


  5. Dj DesignDJ-Design
  6. iPhone GUI PSDiPhone
  7. Plastic DVD Coverdvd
  8. Old School Retro Cassette Tapecassette
  9. Glossy Icon Packglossyicons1
  10. Shiny little iconscompact_icons
  11. Web 2.0 peeling stickerstick
  12. Buttons PSD 



  13. Aero Avatar and Sig vista
  14. Star Stickerstarbadge
  15. Cool Junk for Web Designers 



  16. Green Leaf Icon Packgreenleaf
  17. Precious Heartprecious-heart-psd-download
  18. Icey Stylessnowandice
  19. Batman Batman
  20. Lots of Badges

  21. Ipod TouchiPod-Touch-psd16146


  22. Playstation 3 ps3
  23. Slurpee Slurpee
  24. Orb


15 Cool Web Services Which You May Not have Used Yet

With new Web 2.0 sites and services popping up every day, it’s hard work just keeping track of the cool stuff you can do online – let alone having the time to browse use any of them. So what you need a someone to do the hard work for you, and waste their free time checking this sort of stuff out.


  1. Sociagami –  Allows you to monitor and update most of your social networking accounts from one spot.
  2. Startupping–  A community for Internet entrepreneurs.
  3. Sproutbuilder– Create your own widgets for your blog or Facebook to add viral marketing to your arsenal.
  4. Ask 500 People– Make questions – and find out what people think.
  5. Reshade– Make Small Images large.
  6. Tipit – Create great content and post this button to your site. It allows people to “tip” you.
  7. Dipity– Create and share interactive timelines to inject life into your older blog posts and more.
  8. Social Marker – Semi Automatic social bookmarking tool is easy to use and ensures you actually get your sites submitted. Use Do follow option – sign up accounts at each – go to school getting backlinks. postit Continue reading 15 Cool Web Services Which You May Not have Used Yet

Social Media + Google to Find Free Blog Resources Easily

Using Google with some basic knowledge on advanced searching techniques you can find some high quality free resources which have typically been set up as digg bait on social media sites. The results of using Google over searching through the sites individually are much better, try for yourself by typing some of the following terms.

To search popular posts on digg type the following into Google:

  • site:Digg.com Free Icons
  • site:Digg.com Free Vectors
  • site:Digg.com Free Clipart
  • site:Digg.com Free graphics

This also works for other social media sites:

  • site:stumbleupon.com Free graphics
  • site:del.icio.us free icons
  • site:reddit.com free icons

The “site:” part of the search term specifies the site that you are asking Google to search and the rest is the specific search you want it to look for. Good Luck.


Free Stock Image Sites

It’s quite a difficult task to find clean, crisp, relevant, yet legal images to use on a Website. If you understand what copyright is you will know that you can’t just grab any old image you see on the web and place it on your own site. So where do you get images from? Stock photography is the answer for many web designers – well those that aren’t the sort that carry around a digital SLR in their bag anyway. The problem here for most small sites is that a good stock image doesn’t come cheap, and I hear you saying…”why pay when I can just download free images from the net”. Good question. To get to the point, your main concern here should be legality. I am certainly not going to trust any old “Free Clip-art download site” where you don’t so much as even see a legal notice or licence for the image you are getting. However I have found a few sources of free legal downloads of stock images where the licensing of the images is very clear. These photos are sometimes referred to as public domain images.
Free Stock Image sites:
SXC <- Has many free images, with some extra sharp premium paid images which cost.
Morgue File <- All free, a good source for images.
Dreamstime <- Has some free images, mostly pay images.
Image After <- All free images.
Vecteezy <- Very cool site with some free vector images, and sorted by licence type (source of bikini image above).

Good luck pic hunting.