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jQuery Powered Sticky Footer Plugin

In a recent post, we hinted at the development of an exclusive jQuery powered WordPress Plugin. Today is the day! We have released the brand new, completely unique WordPress Constant Footer Plugin.

It uses a jQuery plugin combined with the simplicity of a WordPress plugin to create a super-simple sticky footer. The footer sticks to the bottom of the browser window regardless of how/where the user scrolls.

Complete with an easy-to-use dashboard settings page, the WP admin can change the opacity, color and height of the footer. Utilizing a slick fade-in effect, the plugin allows any HTML to be entered by the admin and displayed to the public.

Use the plugin to:

  • Showcase new content
  • Display site news
  • Encourage Twitter, RSS or other social media following
  • Offer premium, unique advertising space
  • Flag user attention for breaking news
  • And anything else you come up with!
  • (Tell us how you’re using the plugin in the comments belows)

The plugin is completely free, although donations are much appreciated.  Here are some helpful links:

Plugin Homepage | Demo | Documentation

Inclusion in the WordPress.org Plugin Directory is pending.  Until then, you can download the plugin from the homepage or by clicking here.

This plugin was developed by Pingable.org and released to our community of readers first.  We like you that much!  As with any new plugin, be patient as we work out any bugs.

Here are some screenshots:

Sticky Constant Footer PluginSticky Constant Footer Plugin

31 Great WordPress jQuery Resources

I have been spending a lot of time recently looking into WordPress and jQuery.  jQuery is a Javascript library built to create some amazing user experiences.  I found some amazing information in my searches so I decided to share them with the Pingable community.  (pssst. Stay tuned for a cool jQuery/WordPress related announcement from Pingable)

Simply put, jQuery is a Javascript library that allows web designers to create some neat effects.  For some cool examples of what jQuery can do, check out this site.

Mostly, jQuery is used to overlay elements in a manner that had never previously been possible.  When you see a nice Lightbox effect when viewing an image, it is most likely a jQuery effect.

However, jQuery and WordPress don’t always play nicely together.  Although you can load the jQuery library with one simple line of code in the header.php file:

<?php wp_enqueue_script("jquery"); ?>

Make sure this tag goes before the wp_head tag.  You can load the jQuery library using the wp_enqeue tag.  Read the Codex documentation on this before moving forward.  Also read digwp’s opinion on the matter.

it can sometimes conflict with other plugins or themes.

Without further delay, here are some excellent resources, tutorials and plugins for incorporating jQuery into WordPress.

WordPress jQuery Plugins

  1. jQuery Lightbox
  2. WP Wall
  3. jQuery Comment PreviewComment Preview jQuery Plugin
  4. Simple Modal Contact FormSimple Modal Contact Form jQuery
  5. Shockingly Big IE6 Warning
  6. WordPress Tabs using jQuery
  7. Reply to comment feature
  8. Featured post slideshow
  9. jQuery Form Validation
  10. Overlayed Login Form
  11. Tweet Blender
  12. Tweet Blender

  13. OpenID Commenting
  14. Infinite Scrolling (no pagination)
  15. Image Drop Shadows
  16. Advanced Search (live AJAX results)
  17. Highlight Search Terms
  18. News Ticker of Posts
  19. Social Bookmarks with jQuery
  20. jQuery Shoutbox
  21. Smooth Tooltips
  22. Create slick data tables
  23. Small, overlay messages
  24. Polaroid Picture Overlay
  25. Content Slider
  26. jQuery Rotating Image Widget

Resources and Tutorials

  1. jQuery Crash Course
  2. jQuery in 15 minutes
  3. Getting Started with jQuery
  4. Including WordPress and jQuery (the right way)
  5. Using Google (jQuery) libraries
  6. Turning a jQuery plugin into a WordPress plugin

Stay tuned for a cool jQuery related WordPress announcement from Pingable!