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100,000 Spam Comments

I had to turn off Do-follow and Keywordluv. I just don’t have the time to moderate so many comments each day. There are too many dickheads out there using spamming tools to waste my time. There is a changing environment in SEO and blog comments, so I am now using Disqus for comments, as it uses java script to embed comments so they are not counted as outgoing links. Anyway, thanks to all those that have made comments over the last year or so contributing to the 4000 + legit (ish) comments on this blog. I appreciate the extra user generated content you have added to this site.

Check out my Akismet stats:


Turning off Dofollow and keywordluv has sorted out my spam issues.

These stats are a pretty extreme example of spamming. This blog has been do-follow for the most part for the last 2 years. It has been on many do-follow lists, and I know the only reason many people come here is to comment to get a backlink. I knew that, and I supported that idea. But there comes a point when it becomes too much. I still stand behind my belief that Keywordluv is a fantastic plug-in for generating extra comments for your blog.


This site uses Keywordluv

The point of this post is twofold. 1) I wanted to share my experiences with the plug-in Keywordluv. 2) I want all the people searching for keywordluv blogs to find this site first.

  1. Keywordluv is a WordPress SEO plug-in that really will help both you, and the people that leave comments on your blog. I have been using it for 5 months. Comments have gone up in a huge way since I have started using the plug-in. The advantage of extra comments are that they add new content to your pages, and search engines like this. And more comments also make you site look much more popular, and appear to be widely read. Some people might argue that SEO-wise this plug-in might have more of a negative impact on sites using it because of all the the outbound links you end up giving. My experience is that the added comments are far outweighing any negative affects of the outbound links. Bluehat SEO talks about The Diminishing Values On Outbound Links,  which adds to the argument that extra outbound links don’t have an overly negative affect on the ability of a page to rank well. 
  2. With good reason there is a fair few amount of people searching for keywordluv blogs to comment on. All those people are searching for the phrase “This site uses Keywordluv”. So I wanted to add this as the title of my post to try and rank well for the term. Lets see how well I go.

So if you want to kick start your blog, I highly recommend downloading and using this plug-in on your WordPress blog. It really is a big deal.

To find out why people want to leave comments on keywordluv blogs read my post on How to Earn Money Online.


KeywordLuv and Do Follow

Having not posted on Pingable for some time, I have decided to restart my new posting schedule with an announcement that I have enabled two plugins KeywordLuv and Do follow. These plugins are to encourage comments from other bloggers and web masters.

For those who don’t know

Do follow means comments left on this blog give you a backlink to your site. This will help you improve search engine rankings.

KeywordLuv is a plugin with allows you to stuff your backlink with keywords which you are trying to rank in search engines with.i.e. If you write about “Making Money”, If you leave as your name, Simon@Making Money your backlink will say comment Simon from “Make Money” with make money as the hyperlink.

Both these plugins are to help readers improve the search engine ranking of their sites.

Comment Policy

I am happy as Larry to provide keyword rich backlinks to anyone who leaves a comment, however, the comments must add something to the post and be meaningful.

I will remove any links where posts are not adding to the post. I will also remove links to any porn, Viagra or other dodgy sites.