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Top 5 WordPress Landing Page Themes

Landing pages are and often forgotten but incredibly vital component to any website launch.  They are not just used to park a domain name, but more importantly they are used to show the world you’re coming.  They are particularly important if you intend to:

  • Build buzz around your concept before launching
  • Convert casual visitors to subscribers
  • Develop a list of potential customers or users prior to launch
  • Show visitors you’re serious and professional
  • Let people know your intentions with a domain name

Quite simply, WordPress landing page themes are used as a temporary design before your official site is up.  Check out these WordPress landing pages, in our humble opinion, the top five ten.

Update September 28, 2012: As the WordPress community is so robust, there are even more WordPress Landing Pages being developed since this article was written.  Check out five more WordPress landing pages below!

1. Personal Landing Page

2. Netix – A product-oriented landing page

3. Deploy

4. Business Card

landing page theme

5. Convertible

wordpress landing page theme

6. Premise Landing Page Theme

Easily the number one choice, the Premise system allows you to build custom landing pages so yours will actually be mostly unique!  It comes with 1,100 custom graphics to use and an amazing system for converting visitors to followers.

7. Placeholder (Free!)

This theme is simple but very elegant.  It has an optional countdown clock you can use to lure visitors to come back again.  It also showcases social media connections and conversion options which is very helpful.

placeholder landing page theme

8. Timelaph (Free!)

A clean and modern landing page that is dark and simple.  You can incorporate text as you see fit, so including social media or conversion links is simple but not graphically popping.  There’s a built-in email conversion.

9. Startup

Startup theme is actually a fully-functioning WordPress theme that happens to come with a “coming soon” page that matches the style of the main design.  It has a nifty flash powered countdown clock, an original under construction image and a nice big text block.

startup landing page theme

10. Under Construction WordPress Theme

Although is says HTML page, it actually comes bundled with a WordPress version.  Plus, there is a very nice full WordPress theme that goes along with this landing page.  The coolest part about this theme?  It has a pie graph and twitter integration that keeps visitors updated on your stage of development.  Very cool.

underconstruction wordpress landing page