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8 Helpful WordPress Tutorials

Tutorials are all the rage right now, especially WordPress Tutorials. I understand why. There used to be a plethora of posts like this one for a while. Many people still write posts like this: “100 amazing themes” and “50 creative logos”. They’re nice to look at, helpful and inspiring.

However the trend is definitely towards tutorials. Look at Envato’s newest marketplace as an example.  And we at Pingable understand the trend.  Tutorial posts are more helpful in a tangible way.  Users can read a post and walk away with a real, measurable, helpful new skill set.

In light of this trend, we thought it would be nice to combine the two types of content.  Here is a list of 25 extremely Helpful WordPress Tutorials.

Free WordPress Tutorials

16 Vital Checks Before Releasing a WordPress Theme Tutorial

WordPress Tutorial by Ludovico Fischer

Helpful WordPress Tutorials
This tutorial will help you check off those must-do steps before making your new theme public. You spent countless hours developing the theme, don't forget these steps. From protecting comments on posts to correctly paginating posts, don't forget any of these steps.

Designing the Post Meta Data Section

WordPress Tutorial by the Codex Team

Helpful WordPress Tutorials
Using post meta data is one of the most versatile and helpful features of WordPress. You can essentially generate all of your post excerpt information on the fly which can make for a rich user experience. This official codex tutorial walks you through creating this section of your design.

Creating Custom Fields for Attachments in WordPress Tutorial

WordPress Tutorial by Andy Blackwell

Helpful WordPress Tutorials
WordPress custom fields are incredibly useful and versatile. They can turn a regular theme into a dynamic and user-powered design. However when displaying attachments the code needs some tweaking. This tutorial walks you through the necessary tweaking to make it work.

Fun Character Entities WordPress Tutorial

WordPress Tutorial by the Codex Team

Helpful WordPress Tutorials
Using various character entities in your designs can make the user experience smoother. This can be navigation arrows, ampersands, etc. This tutorial by the official codex crew will help you incorporate those characters into your next design.

How to Integrate an Options Page into your WordPress Theme Tutorial

WordPress Tutorial by By Dan Walker

Helpful WordPress Tutorials
All of the latest quality WordPress Themes include backend (administrative) options themes to help the user utilize all of the incredible, complicated features coming standard with the latest themes. This tutorial will guide you in creating this feature for your next theme.

Premium WordPress Tutorials

WordPress, Beginner to Master Tutorial

WordPress Tutorial by By Dan Harper, $5

Helpful WordPress Tutorials
This tutorial walks you through creating a complete WordPress site including a blog and portfolio. Written after the many new features in WordPress 2.7, this tutorials brings you up to speed before looking closely at WordPress 3.0.

Securing and Hardening WordPress Tutorial

WordPress Tutorial by By JT Pratt, $5

Helpful WordPress Tutorials
WordPress is inherently secure as a blogging platform. However as it is converted into a CMS, more user data is being transfered and more opportunities to access core files are created. This makes it less secure. This tutorial will help you secure WordPress against data theft but also make it less prone to malicious attack and forceful entry. A must-read for any serious WordPress user.

Creating a Custom WordPress Portfolio Page Tutorial

WordPress Tutorial by By nuResponse, $5

Helpful WordPress Tutorial
This tutorial will help you leverage the WordPress custom template functionality to create powerful design functionalities within your site. You will be walked through creating a portfolio page to display information in a unique way which can be applied in unlimited ways.

We hope you enjoyed these Helpful WordPress Tutorials.  These are some of the best free and premium tutorials we could find.  If you have your own must-read WordPress Tutorials, please leave a comment below!

Top 10 list of lists

Have you noticed the dramatic increase in “list” posts?  They often have title like “10 best free magazine style WordPress themes” and “10 best social media plugins”.  We, too, enjoy a list here and there.  We thought it would be fun (and funny) to come up with our own top 10 list of  lists.

Image Credit: InstantShift.com

30+ Free Simple WordPress Theme Designs

If you are looking to pay for a WordPress theme, the first place I would start is Elegant themes…for $39 you get access to 77+ professional themes that are constantly updated and added to.

Wordpress Magazine Themes

I was looking for a free minimalist theme for a site I was working on, and I found a whole heap of great options, so I decided to make it into a post. Most are pretty minimalist, others are just simple designs. Hope you find them useful.

First some Premium themes


Demo | Buy


Demo | Buy

OK….Here’s the 30 FREE Themes…



Demo | Download






Demo | Download



Download Continue reading 30+ Free Simple WordPress Theme Designs

25 Brilliant Vector Tutorials

I like to play around with vector art from time to time. I have made a few sets of icons and I have a site where I share vectors that I and other people have created. Check it out: Free Vector Art. Here are some great tutorials that will help you on your way if you are interested in vector design, and Adobe Illustrator.

Thug Bunny Vector Tutorial


Ninjas Vector Tutorial


Cow Vector Tutorial


Killer Bunny with chainsaw Vector Tutorial


Sports Car Vector Tutorial


Fish Cartoon Vector Tutorial


Fox Drawing Vector Tutorial


Graffiti Text Vector Tutorial


Groovy Vector Tutorial


Master Painting Vector Tutorial


Torn Wallpaper Vector Tutorial


Mini Vector Tutorial


Product Ad Vector Tutorial


Wood Grain Vector Tutorial


Vintage Shirt Vector Tutorial


Bitmap to Vector Tutorial


Simple Banners Vector Tutorial


Character Shading Vector Tutorial


Snowboarding Vector Tutorial


Bar of Soap Vector Tutorial


Stamp Vector Tutorial


Swirls Vector Tutorial


Creating Characters Vector Tutorial


Tree Vector Tutorial


Retro Emblem Vector Tutorial



10 Beautiful WordPress Gallery Themes

Wordpress Magazine Themes

A gallery or portfolio theme for WordPress can be very useful for a whole range of different sites. Here are 10 beautiful themes for you. All the themes are high quality themes. I have included 5 completely free themes, and 5 themes are part of the Premium Elegant themes club….you can access all 5 of the premium themes for a one off cost of $39. Read more here about why we like Elegant themes so much.

ePhoto (Premium Theme Club)

Demo | Join Premium Theme Club

The Unstandard (Free)

Demo | Download

CSS Gallery Theme 2.0 (Free)

Demo | Download

Sky (Premium Theme Club)

Demo | Join Premium Theme Club

Portfolio Press (Free)

Demo | Download

Sharpfolio (Free)

Demo | Download

eVid (Premium Theme Club)

Demo | Join Premium Theme Club

Snapshot (Free)

Demo | Download

Infinity (Free)

Demo | Download

eGallery (Premium Theme Club)

Demo | Join Premium Theme Club

15 Stunning Photoshop Tutorials

Deviant Art is an amazing resource for digital artists and designers. There is a wealth of free tutorials and resources available, here is just a few of them.

hair drawing tutorial by Abuze

Digital Painting Tutorial by Dianae

Photoshop Inking Tutorial by Spirallin

Mini Painting Tutorial by jdillon82

Blending Tutorial by acidlullaby

Bubbles Tutorial by B1nd1

Wonder Woman Painting Tutorial by UdonCrew

+ How to do the LineArt + by Arehandora

Tutorial: Painting Sky in PS by Foxbane

Magic Swirl tutorial by danzr4ever

Blumen walkthrough by janaschi

Tutorial: Painting Embroidery by kay-ness

tree tutorial part 2 by calisto-lynn

Apple tutorial by michan

Masking Tutorial by One-Vox

For more Photoshop stuff check out my new Photoshop Brushes site.


25 Amazing Free Photoshop Graphics

I have put together a list of Photoshop resources for you guys. All of the resources link to PSD files that are free to download. Please check the authors’ sites for licences. Some are free for personal use others are free for whatever. Have fun.

  1. Vista Flare Orb Vista_Flare_Orb
  2. Party Crowdparty-crowd-psd6089
  3. Film Framefilm
  4. Grunge City 


  5. Dj DesignDJ-Design
  6. iPhone GUI PSDiPhone
  7. Plastic DVD Coverdvd
  8. Old School Retro Cassette Tapecassette
  9. Glossy Icon Packglossyicons1
  10. Shiny little iconscompact_icons
  11. Web 2.0 peeling stickerstick
  12. Buttons PSD 



  13. Aero Avatar and Sig vista
  14. Star Stickerstarbadge
  15. Cool Junk for Web Designers 



  16. Green Leaf Icon Packgreenleaf
  17. Precious Heartprecious-heart-psd-download
  18. Icey Stylessnowandice
  19. Batman Batman
  20. Lots of Badges

  21. Ipod TouchiPod-Touch-psd16146


  22. Playstation 3 ps3
  23. Slurpee Slurpee
  24. Orb


20 + Sets of Free Royalty Free Icons

I have gathered a list of 20 + Free Sets of Royalty Free Icons for you to use on your projects. Check for different licences on the sites. But all of the icons are either GPL or CC. I hope you find them useful.




Bagg and Box’s


Iron Man


Back to the Future


Care Bears


Easter Icons


Gaming Icons


PS3 Icons


TMNT Icons


Star Wars Icons


Dino Icons


The City Icons


TV Icons


Flat Panel Monitor


Apple Imac


HP Set


Lil Shuffles


Ipod Nano


The Water Closet








15 Amazing Logos From Blogspot Blogs

Looking for design inspiration? Following on from my post: 12 Well Designed BlogSpot Blogs I have made a list of cool logo designs from different Blogspot blogs. Check them out, and have a read while your there if you have time.





Poppy Talk


Estefany Franco


Jennski Studio


Inner City Snail


Adopt a Microbe


Why Me?


Ultra Awesome


Super Graphic Blog


Eclectic Cow


Girl Meets Glamour


Penguin and Fish


Everybody Likes Sandwiches


Design Muse



15 Cool Web Services Which You May Not have Used Yet

With new Web 2.0 sites and services popping up every day, it’s hard work just keeping track of the cool stuff you can do online – let alone having the time to browse use any of them. So what you need a someone to do the hard work for you, and waste their free time checking this sort of stuff out.


  1. Sociagami –  Allows you to monitor and update most of your social networking accounts from one spot.
  2. Startupping–  A community for Internet entrepreneurs.
  3. Sproutbuilder– Create your own widgets for your blog or Facebook to add viral marketing to your arsenal.
  4. Ask 500 People– Make questions – and find out what people think.
  5. Reshade– Make Small Images large.
  6. Tipit – Create great content and post this button to your site. It allows people to “tip” you.
  7. Dipity– Create and share interactive timelines to inject life into your older blog posts and more.
  8. Social Marker – Semi Automatic social bookmarking tool is easy to use and ensures you actually get your sites submitted. Use Do follow option – sign up accounts at each – go to school getting backlinks. postit Continue reading 15 Cool Web Services Which You May Not have Used Yet