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Make Extra Money with Adsense

This is a basic Adsense tutorial for beginners. I have added it as a video on Youtube. The full text from the video is below.

So you’re only making a few cents a day from Adsense and you don’t know why?

What are the biggest mistakes?

    1. Not having a defined niche

Adsense clicks pay out based on keywords relating to your content – if it isn’t clear what keywords relate – you won’t make money.

    1. The wrong traffic

Visitors from social sites don’t click ads. Visitors from search engines do.

    1. Not researching your keywords

You must research keywords if you don’t want to leave your search engine traffic up to luck.

    1. Not having unique content on your sites.
    2. Poor ad positioning

Get your Adsense ads in front of your readers’ eyes if you want to make money.

What can you do to get more search traffic?

    1. Pick higher traffic, lower competition keywords in higher paying niches.

Yes…yes, it’s easier said than done…but research!

  1. Get anchored backlinks to your content .i.e links that have your keywords in the hyperlink.
  2. Write content optimized for those keywords .i.e. have your keyword in the title.