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20 Amazing WordPress Music Themes for Bands and Musicians

I wanted to put together a list for the music types out there looking for a wordpress theme for their band website. Most of these themes are premium, however, I have included a few free options in there for those with no budget. Most of these themes have rich media options, or built in media players, or just an overall design that I think would work well for a band. Hope you find it useful.

Gleam | Demo or Buy

Media Store | Demo or Buy

Media Scene | Demo or Buy

Milky | Demo or Buy

Multimedia | Demo or Buy

Musaic Music | Demo or Buy

Music Concert | Demo or Download (FREE)

Music Loud | Demo or Download (FREE)

Music Pro | Demo or Buy

Music Star | Demo or Download (FREE)

Music Store | Demo or Download (FREE)

Music Musicians | Demo or Buy

Nocturnal | Demo or Buy

Pendulum | Demo or Buy

Quade | Demo or Download (FREE)

RockStar | Demo or Buy

Strings | Demo or Buy

Stylico | Demo or Buy

Event | Demo or Buy

Swagger | Demo or Buy