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20 Great WordPress AJAX Plugins

WordPress is without question, the #1 blogging platform and content management system (CMS) available.  For obvious reasons like simplicity, speed, flexibility.  But what about all those subtle differences that you notice, but can’t quite put your finger on?  It has a lot to do with AJAX or asynchronous JavaScript and XML.  From saving changes to editing content and post tags, AJAX makes it all easier and faster.

In addition to making the admin’s life easier, there are a number of WordPress AJAX Plugins that will help the user experience as well.  Here are 20 of our favorites.

  1. Google AJAX Search – A live search plugin
  2. Tagboard Widget
  3. Gregarious – Social bookmarking plugin
  4. AJAX Shoutbox
  5. Google Pagerank
  6. AJAX Comments No longer available.
  7. Inline AJAX Page Very Cool! – No longer available.
  8. WP-Post Ratings
  9. Google AJAX Translation
  10. AJAX’d WordPress – AJAX site navigation
  11. AJAXed Twitter for WordPress
  12. Formidable – A drag and drop form builder
  13. Contact Form 7 – Super easy contact/other form builder
  14. FAQ Builder
  15. Business Directory – A link directory plugin
  16. Link Library – Another link directory plugin
  17. Comment Rating
  18. Mingle – a complete social networking plugin (profile pages, profile activities, etc.)
  19. AJAX Comment Posting
  20. Pretty Link – Convert affiliate or advertising links to links of your choosing.

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