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Windows Live Writer Review

Windows Live Writer is offline blog editing software and I really like it.

Why use an offline editor like Live Writer for posting to your blog instead of the built in editor:

1) Plug-ins – there are all sorts of plug-ins that make creating interesting well formatted posts a breeze, with all sorts of functionality, and integration with services  like flickr, live maps, and Google Adsense.

2) No page loading time. Essentially you write your post offline, like you would in a word processor, then when it’s looking just like you want it, you post it to your blog with the publish button.

3) PING. When you publish from Windows Live Writer you can easily set it up to send a ping to all the popular blog search engines. This is a good thing.

4) You can use the “View Web Preview” option to view what your post will like on your blog before you publish it.

5) Easy formatting options. It’s ever so easy to add a margin or text wrapping to an image, or change the alignment of an object.

It’s a great bloggers tool. Well worth checking out.