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Latest Alternatives to Google: David, Meet Goliath

There is no question that Google is the goliath of search, bigger and more powerful than any other search engine.  But with 70% of the lucrative search engine market share, there is bound to be constant challengers to their position.  Google usually buys out any serious competitor before they can become a threat, but that doesn’t stop some very smart people from trying to build the next Google.

Whether interested in the financial prospects, ethical interests, or because they like the challenge, new search engines are popping up everywhere.  Here are a few of the latest and coolest search innovations.

My personal favorite, DuckDuckGo takes privacy very seriously.  They don’t track your searches or click behavior.  They also produce a mighty fine search result and have tons of nifty features and add-ons.


Blekko has the biggest push behind it since Bing.  Although they produce a nice search result, I think anyone could with $25 Million in venture capital behind them.  They use hashtags to help searchers sort through notoriously spammy results like “online degrees”.

twitter search

Despite my longstanding opposition to everything Twitter (read: I don’t care what you just ate for lunch), Twitter is being used as a new search tool.  Their user base has reached the size that it can actually provide a somewhat accurate, real-time presentation of what’s happening.

wolfram alpha

Wolfram|Alpha is about as real as it gets.  There’s no flip-flop spam here, just detailed facts.  You pay a price for those facts, but cutting out probably 99.99% of the searchable web.  If you’re looking for many obscure results, try one of the above searches.  If you need encyclopedic results, go with Wolfram, if you can remember the name.

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Social Media + Google to Find Free Blog Resources Easily

Using Google with some basic knowledge on advanced searching techniques you can find some high quality free resources which have typically been set up as digg bait on social media sites. The results of using Google over searching through the sites individually are much better, try for yourself by typing some of the following terms.

To search popular posts on digg type the following into Google:

  • site:Digg.com Free Icons
  • site:Digg.com Free Vectors
  • site:Digg.com Free Clipart
  • site:Digg.com Free graphics

This also works for other social media sites:

  • site:stumbleupon.com Free graphics
  • site:del.icio.us free icons
  • site:reddit.com free icons

The “site:” part of the search term specifies the site that you are asking Google to search and the rest is the specific search you want it to look for. Good Luck.