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Social Media Feeds

After reading an article on skelliewag.org called 10 steps to building a killer feed Collection I got to thinking about what sorts of extra feeds I should be subscribing to. The 10 points are listed below, but if this topic interests you I suggest you go and read the details of each point.

  1. Subscribe to every good site you share a niche with
  2. Subscribe to every bad site you share a niche with
  3. Subscribe to quality sites linked to your niche, but not directly part of it
  4. Subscribe to good lifehack and productivity blogs
  5. Subscribe to good blogs about writing
  6. Subscribe to content way out of your niche
  7. Subscribe to sources of great writing
  8. Subscribe to relevant search results in Digg and del.icio.us
  9. Subscribe to the Digg front page
  10. Subscribe to your own feed

The two points which I wanted to have a closer look at were 8 and 9. I guess I am a bit slow on the uptake on this one, but until now I had never considered subscribing to the feeds on social media sites like digg. However, I can see an upside to knowing what people are currently digging being delivered to you so this is something which I am now doing also.

Subscribing to search results to get an idea about new and poplar posts with in your niche is also a great idea. As Skelliewag puts it:

Popular results show you the content currently making a splash in your niche. You can analyze what made it successful and try to adapt the principles to your own writing.

The key advantage of subscribing to social media feeds is that it will give you a heads up on what is working, so you can take that onboard and use it to boost your own success. I guess the only down side is over cluttering your feed reader inbox. However, using a popular reader such as Google reader and managing your folders well should sort this out.


Social Media + Google to Find Free Blog Resources Easily

Using Google with some basic knowledge on advanced searching techniques you can find some high quality free resources which have typically been set up as digg bait on social media sites. The results of using Google over searching through the sites individually are much better, try for yourself by typing some of the following terms.

To search popular posts on digg type the following into Google:

  • site:Digg.com Free Icons
  • site:Digg.com Free Vectors
  • site:Digg.com Free Clipart
  • site:Digg.com Free graphics

This also works for other social media sites:

  • site:stumbleupon.com Free graphics
  • site:del.icio.us free icons
  • site:reddit.com free icons

The “site:” part of the search term specifies the site that you are asking Google to search and the rest is the specific search you want it to look for. Good Luck.