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Blogging Mistakes to avoid

David Airey has written an article called Top 7 blog mistakes to avoid. I think there are some key points here that are very important for beginning blogger’s.

  • Not using a self-hosted blog

Sure if the point of your blog is to communicate to your friends and family what you have been doing while over seas, or to show photos of your pet dog Oswald then a WordPress.com or blogger hosted blogs will do the trick nicely. But if you are serious about your blog and are more interested in developing a publishing platform or brand you need your own domain. The typical start up costs involve: $10 – $14 US for a domain, $6.95 – $10 a month for a basic web host, Blue host or Dream host are both good options for starting out.

  • Expecting people to visit

I guess I never really just expected people to visit my blog when I started out. In fact, when I first started blogging using blogger about 18 months ago my main issue with the whole idea was that I thought it was all kind of silly because I thought no one would visit. Of course my attitude has some what evolved since then. I do feel new blogger’s have to be realistic about visitors though. If you are starting a new blog on a new domain no one else knows about it. It is up to you to get the word around. Post good articles to social media and bookmarking sites, leave comments on other blogs, join communities like Bumpzee.

  • Location of blog on web server

Where is your blog installed? In the root directory i.e. www.pingable.org or in a separate folder www.pingable.org/blog/. There are different thoughts on what is the best location, but I feel as long as the only purpose of the site is to blog, then your blog should be in your root directory. If you are a business or if there is other purposes of your web site, then use a directory called blog. But what ever you decide on, don’t make the mistake of moving all your files after you are established. It will mess with your page rank, which will cost you traffic.

  • Not linking to others

It is important to link to other bloggers, and send track backs to them. It lets them know you are writing about them, and it may even give you a link back in their comments section. This is good for promoting your blog, and it is also good for developing relationships with other bloggers.

  • Time time time

I guess when you put all the elements of successful blogging together (Posting regularly, commenting on other blogs regularly, reading other blogs regularly, working on design, working on SEO, etc etc) It can really eat up time. You need to be realistic about how much you can achieve if you only have half an hour a day to blog.

I hope this posts was an interesting read, feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions.