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Super Helpful WordPress Tutorials

One of my favorite perks of being part of the WordPress family is the constantly fresh content.  Because there are so many creative folks working as part of this community, there is a constant feed of really useful tutorials.  I have gathered some of my favorite, recent WordPress tutorials to help the intermediate to advanced WordPress admin.  They range from simple to complex but all are lead to some sort of time or energy savings.

Note: I haven’t tried all of these tutorials so, as always, backup your WordPress site before trying any significant changes.

How to incorporate QR codes into your WordPress site

Quick Reference or QR codes are frequently used in print media to allow people to visit a particular URL using their phone’s camera.  So why would you need them on a website?  A QR code allows a user to take website content on the go without having to re-navigate to the content.  It’s like a “to-go” box.  Check out the tutorial here.

How to modify the dashboard for your clients

Many of us use WordPress for our own personal use.  And many of us use it for our clients.  I find it the best platform for use with my clients because I can easily train them to update their own website.  Over the years, the WordPress admin has gotten a bit more complicated though, and the simplicity is still too much for some low-tech clients.  This tutorial describes how you can simplify the dashboard even further.  This strategy also prevents clients from messing with things they have no business messing with.  Read it here.

The complete guide to custom post types

Custom Post types are all the rage with premium theme designers.  They make a powerful WordPress site into a “superpower” but allowing custom designs based on the type of content or post type being accessed.  This guide from the ever-reputable Smashing Magazine claims to be the complete guide (until the next version of WordPress anyway).  Get it here.

How to allow your visitors to generate content for you

User-generated content is a dangerous game.  A WordPress admin must walk a fine line in order to solicit quality, original content.  Also, specific measures must be taken in order to ensure the security of your site.  Allowing users to create posts without moderation or proper security opens your WordPress site wide open to hackers.  So tread lightly!  Since WPMU was incorporated into the core WordPress, it allows more options to facilitate a user-fed blog.  This tutorial explains all the different options including posting without registration (not recommended for the reasons mentioned above!)

Using A/B split testing in WordPress

Marketing is critical for the success of any blog.  Especially for those relying on user-numbers to be successful.  A/B split testing, simply put, is the testing of multiple strategies to determine the most effective.  Many advertisers try two different ads and measure which is more successful.  They then test a third, fourth, etc. types of ad against the most successful of the previous test.  This method constantly ratchets up the effectiveness of an ad.  If the original ad out performs the new ad, the old one is used instead of the new one.  Quite simple really.

This tutorial at WordPress Beginner (don’t let their name fool you!) integrates Google Analytics into the equation which provides more data than even more enterprise web teams need.  This tutorial specifically focuses on changing website layout, content or other organization in order to capture more visitors or conversions.  This is a great strategy for even basic users who wish to market their website.

Image courtesy of WPBeginner.
Image courtesy of WPBeginner.

If you have a favorite WordPress tutorial, I’d love to check it out.  Please share it in a comment or send me a message via our Facebook page.  If your tutorial rocks, I’ll consider posting it on Pingable!

Social Media + Google to Find Free Blog Resources Easily

Using Google with some basic knowledge on advanced searching techniques you can find some high quality free resources which have typically been set up as digg bait on social media sites. The results of using Google over searching through the sites individually are much better, try for yourself by typing some of the following terms.

To search popular posts on digg type the following into Google:

  • site:Digg.com Free Icons
  • site:Digg.com Free Vectors
  • site:Digg.com Free Clipart
  • site:Digg.com Free graphics

This also works for other social media sites:

  • site:stumbleupon.com Free graphics
  • site:del.icio.us free icons
  • site:reddit.com free icons

The “site:” part of the search term specifies the site that you are asking Google to search and the rest is the specific search you want it to look for. Good Luck.