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15 Cool Web Services Which You May Not have Used Yet

With new Web 2.0 sites and services popping up every day, it’s hard work just keeping track of the cool stuff you can do online – let alone having the time to browse use any of them. So what you need a someone to do the hard work for you, and waste their free time checking this sort of stuff out.


  1. Sociagami –  Allows you to monitor and update most of your social networking accounts from one spot.
  2. Startupping–  A community for Internet entrepreneurs.
  3. Sproutbuilder– Create your own widgets for your blog or Facebook to add viral marketing to your arsenal.
  4. Ask 500 People– Make questions – and find out what people think.
  5. Reshade– Make Small Images large.
  6. Tipit – Create great content and post this button to your site. It allows people to “tip” you.
  7. Dipity– Create and share interactive timelines to inject life into your older blog posts and more.
  8. Social Marker – Semi Automatic social bookmarking tool is easy to use and ensures you actually get your sites submitted. Use Do follow option – sign up accounts at each – go to school getting backlinks. postit Continue reading 15 Cool Web Services Which You May Not have Used Yet