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Keyword Research: Google Wonder Wheel

Google have released a fantastic new feature as an option in their search engine. The Wonder Wheel will surely give Google yet more information as to how searchers think. But, for those who want to target search engine traffic it is a pretty fantastic keyword research tool, that not only gives you an endless supply of related search terms to look at, but also allows you to study competition. As the tool functions inside your Google search results, and as you explore new terms the results update, it is a great way to quickly evaluate competition for terms also.

How does it work

  1. Search for a term that you are interested in
  2. Select show options


  3. Select Wonder Wheel


  4. Explore your term and it’s related searches.


  5. It goes deeper…


This is a fantastic new edition to Google search that will help you decide which keywords to target, and probably help you think of new ideas to create posts for your blogs about.