The Complete Guide to WordPress Editing: Part 3

Whether you’re completely new or have been blogging for a while now, you’re probably still not using everything available to you as a blogger on WordPress. It took me a few years of blogging and developing plugins before I really started getting it. I’m going to save you time and write up what I’ve learned here.

This complete series on writing and editing posts with WordPress will cover…

  1. Customizing Your Interface & Getting to Know Permalinks
  2. Mastering Text Formatting For Your Posts
  3. Leveraging Post Scheduling & Post States
  4. How to Make Private and Password Protected Posts
  5. How to Enable and Disable Comments & Understanding Trackbacks
  6. Finding and Using Theme-Specific Options

Did you know that you can sort your posts based on where you are in the process of editing them? It’s pretty neat, and it’s a feature I never understood until recently. Oh, and you can also post to the future.

Drafts, Reviews, Published, oh my!

When you’re writing a post in WordPress, you have a few options when you save. You can “Save Draft”, “Preview” and “Publish”.

But did you know that you can change the game entirely by saving your post as Pending Review?

There’s a subtle icon that allows you to change from Draft, to Pending Review.

So what?

Well this means that once you’ve saved an idea, jotted down your thoughts, and written up a draft… you can go through something we like to call Editing.

Once you’ve edited it, it’s almost ready for publishing — but maybe it’s not the right time to publish. Maybe you want to save it for yourself to reread in a day or two with fresh eyes. Maybe you’ve got a secondary editor who’s going to look at it.

So you save it as Pending Review.

This means that you can now access it under an entirely different menu than the default screen of your Posts page.

Since there’s not a lot of automatic Posts filtering in the WordPress admin, this can be incredibly useful.

You’ll need to hit 88mph for this one.

Let’s say you’re about to go on vacation for the week.

Your readers never need to know — simply write up your posts (maybe use that Pending Review status while you’re working) and use the power of publishing to the future to make your blog run automatically.

Just use the date tool by hitting “Edit” after Publish immediately in the Publish box, and the Publish button should switch to saying “Schedule”.

Schedule away, my friends.

7 thoughts on “The Complete Guide to WordPress Editing: Part 3”

  1. The Pending Reviews part didn’t sound more interesting than the Future Publish part. I had never known there would be an option to automate my blog posts. All this while I’ve been keeping my readers coming back to my blog after my vacation due to a sole promise of cooking up something more engaging than the previous post, when this particular WordPress feature had been staring at me in the face. Thanks a ton Anne for sharing this valuable bit of information.

  2. I have also read your previous two parts of this topic and it has helped me a lot to understand and use the wordpress theme. WordPress has always been very confusing for me to understand it completely but your posts have soved my problem. Thanks for sharing.

  3. WordPress has a lot to offer. And if you don’t make optimum use of it, you miss out on having the best blog experience. Pending Review is a great way to schedule your posts so that your blog readers are not left in the lurch when you are away.

  4. I think WordPress has so much to offer to a blogger that it would be a shame to miss out on any of the perks of a WordPress blog. All you need is a little understanding (or what we call ‘working knowledge’)and you’re good to go. Thanks for sharing that tip about Pending Reviews and Scheduling posts.

  5. Your posts are very helpful. I’m new to blogging and as expected WordPress is quite difficult to understand. I’ve been getting a hang of the portal thanks to your great and informative posts. Thanks for sharing.

  6. WordPress is amazing but takes time to master. I’m a web designer and I’m new to this website and just wanted to say hello…

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