The Great List Of Ways To Get Traffic To Your Blog

I have scanned the Internet for ideas and ways to drive traffic to blogs. This list is what I have come up with so far. As time goes on I will update, edit, add to the entries, as I think of/ find more ideas. I would love others to contact me with or leave a note in the comments with other ideas. You will get a link back for your efforts.

Social media

  1. Submit a design related article to Design Float.
  2. Submit a developer / programming related article to DZone.
  3. Submit a blogging related article to Blogging Zoom.
  4. Use StumbleUpon, and make friends…maybe submit an article or two of your own, but submit great articles whenever you find them.
  5. Write about Apple products, linux, or flame Geroge Bush and submit your content to Digg.

    Give Something away for free

  6. Create some icons and give them away.
  7. Create some vector graphics and give them away.
  8. Take quality photos with an SLR digital camera, and give them away.
  9. Create a WordPress theme and give it away.
  10. Create a WordPress plugin or widget and give it away.
  11. Create a free directory and give link love away for free.


  12. List your site on Blog Catalog and get involved, leave comments, join communities.
  13. Submit your blog to directories in your niche. Daily SEO Tips has a new directory.
  14. Submit your blog to all of the directories on Robin Good’s list of RSS directories.
  15. submit your site to DMOZ and other directories that allow free submissions.

    Other Blogs

  16. Comment on other blogs.
  17. Links to other blogs.
  18. Make friends with other bloggers and suggest a blogroll link exchange, but not with too many.
  19. Guest post for other blogs.
  20. Give credit to those that inspire your posts.
  21. Participate in group writing posts.
  22. Participate in blog carnivals.
  23. Contact popular blogs in your niche to exchange links.
  24. Write an amazing article then send it to some blogs in your niche as a guest post proposal.
  25. Hold a contest with great prizes.
  26. Leave the first comment, particularly on larger blogs.


  27. Write posts that people will want to read.
  28. Break news.
  29. Share your expertise.
  30. Tag your posts.
  31. Create controversy.
  32. Post pictures of celebrities.
  33. Create podcasts.
  34. Wrote a post about how rubbish a current fade is.
  35. Use images in your posts and add alt descriptions with keywords.
  36. Write for beginners.
  37. Highlight your most popular posts.
  38. Try to ensure that you don’t have too many grammatical or spelling errors. .
  39. Write top 10 lists.
  40. Write link bait.
  41. Write timeless content as often as possible.
  42. Share with others what has worked for you.

    Search Engine Optimisation

  43. Use keywords in your headings that relate to your main topic, but make sure your headings are attractive to humans too.
  44. Use a memorable domain name.
  45. Use keyword research to find good keywords to use in your posts.

    Community Interaction

  46. Post in forums that relate to your niche and help people out often, be a nice person, and don’t flame.
  47. Great a video, host it on Youtube, and watermark your blogs name into the video.
  48. Join a relevant blog network, I get link juice and visitors from Tech Dispenser.
  49. Answer a question on yahoo answers that links to a blog post you wrote.
  50. Put your blog URL in forum profile footers.
  51. Squidoo lens with a link to your blog .

    Buy it

  52. Buy it through networks like Adsense.
  53. Buy a review from another blog.
  54. Buy text link ads… carefully.

    Your Own blog

  55. Reply to comments.Use a well designed theme.
  56. Use WordPress.
  57. Encourage readers to become RSS subscribers.
  58. Ping blog services like Pingomatic and Pingoat.


  59. Make sure your content is readable and accessible.
  60. Don’t overfill key content areas with advertising.
  61. Don’t use too many plug-ins.
  62. Simplicity is great

    Other Methods

  63. Participate in a traffic exchange using banners or widgets.
  64. Openly encourage people to repost your content in a different language, as long as they create a link to your original post.

    Readers Ideas:

  65. Nicole Simon: Work with your analytics to see where you do the best, and enhance.
  66. Blogging Mix: Request other bloggers review one of your articles.
  67. Fred – Newest on the Net: Submit a mass appeal article to Mixx
  68. Xight: Use Trackbacks to attract the attention of other bloggers.
  69. Dane Morgan: Write a free report and give it away.

Inspiration: 101 Free Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic, SEO Book – 101 Linkbuilding, 101 Blog tips from Daily Blog Tips, 101 Ways to Make Your Blog More Popular and Successful.

26 thoughts on “The Great List Of Ways To Get Traffic To Your Blog”

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  2. Oh one important aspect is missing – work with your analytics to see where you do the best results from and enhance that.

    If it is search engines, improve your texts with variations; if it is one of those submit engines try to find out what it is that makes you popular there and so on.

    Initiating is just one thing, but if you say “go for this kind of work” the easy part of increasing traffic should not be forgotten 😉

  3. Good thoughts Nicole, I will add “Work with your analytics to see where you do the best, and enhance” to the list when I do an update. Thanks for for contributing.

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  5. Great list. 🙂

    If I may add, you can also request for other bloggers to do a review of your blog. You can do this by sending them an email about your latest post or tell them something interested about your blog that will give them the impetus to review it.


  6. Great tips..advice like this would have saved me months when I first started my journey on the internet…but it’s solid advice for people involved with websites for some time, thx.

  7. Nice list Simon. I had a similar post a few months ago that did pretty well, so I’m sure this one will too. Looks like you’re already getting a lot of reviews and thumbs up at SU.

  8. Great article indeed. I have learned a lot of stuff by reading your blog. I will keep in mind all those tips and do it one by one so I can improved my blog and site ranking.It seems that social media can do something for our blog so from now on I will also used them and get the benefit of free traffic to my blog or site.

  9. There are some great ideas here Simon. For additional social media sites, definitely check out and These are great new social media sites.

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  11. It is important list if you are going to promote your blog. Social media, commenting on others blog and giving away free stuffs are great source of traffic. I hope i will learn more here in coming days. thanks.

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