The Power of WordPress Infographic

Found this nice infographic over at  It outlines the true impact of WordPress on the content-driven WWW.  The market share of WordPress is amazing, especially when you add both self-hosted and sites.  There’s also some very interesting history of WordPress represented here.

8 thoughts on “The Power of WordPress Infographic”

  1. Your presentation here reminded me of a power point in the office. I also noticed that you have worked really hard and I must say you have succeeded in making your point. I agree too that WordPress and the provisions it has is really helpful and nice. I will be sharing this post on Twitter with others, keep them coming, the information is very valuable.

  2. You seem to be a firm believer in WordPress, great to see that. Also I would like to commend your dedication to use statistics and the like to prove your point about WordPress. I must say that it has succeeded to convince me as well. Please continue to post such interesting articles and also please allow people to comment on them.

  3. WordPress definitely dominates the creative and user-friendly platform for blogging. And to your point of it being more financially sound, I couldn’t agree more.

  4. WordPress is a great site to host your personal webpage. I love wordpress since they have great plug-ins that are beneficial for my website. Thank you so much!

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