Top 5 WordPress Landing Page Themes

Landing pages are and often forgotten but incredibly vital component to any website launch.  They are not just used to park a domain name, but more importantly they are used to show the world you’re coming.  They are particularly important if you intend to:

  • Build buzz around your concept before launching
  • Convert casual visitors to subscribers
  • Develop a list of potential customers or users prior to launch
  • Show visitors you’re serious and professional
  • Let people know your intentions with a domain name

Quite simply, WordPress landing page themes are used as a temporary design before your official site is up.  Check out these WordPress landing pages, in our humble opinion, the top five ten.

Update September 28, 2012: As the WordPress community is so robust, there are even more WordPress Landing Pages being developed since this article was written.  Check out five more WordPress landing pages below!

1. Personal Landing Page

2. Netix – A product-oriented landing page

3. Deploy

4. Business Card

landing page theme

5. Convertible

wordpress landing page theme

6. Premise Landing Page Theme

Easily the number one choice, the Premise system allows you to build custom landing pages so yours will actually be mostly unique!  It comes with 1,100 custom graphics to use and an amazing system for converting visitors to followers.

7. Placeholder (Free!)

This theme is simple but very elegant.  It has an optional countdown clock you can use to lure visitors to come back again.  It also showcases social media connections and conversion options which is very helpful.

placeholder landing page theme

8. Timelaph (Free!)

A clean and modern landing page that is dark and simple.  You can incorporate text as you see fit, so including social media or conversion links is simple but not graphically popping.  There’s a built-in email conversion.

9. Startup

Startup theme is actually a fully-functioning WordPress theme that happens to come with a “coming soon” page that matches the style of the main design.  It has a nifty flash powered countdown clock, an original under construction image and a nice big text block.

startup landing page theme

10. Under Construction WordPress Theme

Although is says HTML page, it actually comes bundled with a WordPress version.  Plus, there is a very nice full WordPress theme that goes along with this landing page.  The coolest part about this theme?  It has a pie graph and twitter integration that keeps visitors updated on your stage of development.  Very cool.

underconstruction wordpress landing page

27 thoughts on “Top 5 WordPress Landing Page Themes”

  1. Having an existing website and throwing up an under construction landing page is about the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of.

    A redesign should be developed in a sub-domain, and have an announcement that a brand spanking new design is coming, and get people to sign-up so they can be the first to know when it is launched.

    1. Yeah you’re right – although I don’t think anyone was suggesting that’s what you use these themes for.

      I think it’s more for new websites rather than re-designs of existing websites

  2. Even I bought Premise. And I just would like to say thanks to Brian for creating such a wonderful plugin! I really loved it. I saved my lot of time! As of my experience, Premise is very easy to use and customize the landing page. I’ve been looking for such easy tool since long time.

    I decided to organize contest and give away one free unlimited premise plugin to one of my lucky reader. Here is the contest link:

    Thank you for the review of this awesome plugin!

  3. Amazing themes for landing pages! 😀 Thinking about this and employing it into your website will really give out a good presentation to the people who are coming to your sites. It means that you don’t take your site for granted.

  4. I think the Landing page is crucial for every website, and need to be optimize at blood (if you know what i mean). As further optimize the landing page is, so you’ll have a much more eficient CTR depends on what you want to accomplish with your website.

  5. The best one is the “under construction” page. 🙂
    Seriously, the other templates show that one is a professional, and this is the most important key factor in this business.

  6. I don’t need a landing page – but this post has really got me thinking. I could do with a countdown timer for my website to count the time down left before events. I’ll take a look at these templates to see if they offer that sort of widget,

  7. The purpose of having a Landing Page is to convert visitors in prospective buyers. Many of these Landing Page examples are not really effective for lead generation.

  8. The Under Construction one is cool, with a little work on that pie graph it could even become perfect. Maybe even throw in an estimated completion date?

  9. This is cool info. Under construction not really what you want your visitors to see. But if it helps convert them into buyers that works for me. I’ll follow your blog and put it in my favorites.

  10. There is a plugin from Eleganthemes that creates a landing page with a countdown. Has anyone seen it and is it available as a stand alone plugin for any WordPress theme?

  11. Awesome themes, I love those with countdown clocks. I was actually wondering how something like that can be achieved, now I know 🙂 thanks a lot!

  12. Startup theme is very useful, I think you can change some words around in theme and make it count to something different, like store is closed – will open and show time till opening.

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