Tumblr vs WordPress

Advantages of Tumblr

  • Social networking aspects – Tumlbr makes connecting via social media sites very easy
  • simplicity – Tumblr is very much an open and blog platform aimed at those that don’t want to know the guts of what is going on behind the scenes.
  • Easy management from your phone – The iPhone Tumblr app is much better than the wordpress one.
  • Can have you own domain – Tumblr still hosts it though….you can’t actually take your content else where like you can with a self hosted wordpress install.

Advantages of WordPress

  • The ability to be self-hosted – This is big. It costs, but means you actually have complete control of your content.
  • Large community with lots of addons & customization – The amount of free and premium WordPress themes and plugins is amazing. There is so much functionality in this regard.
  • Great for SEO – Because WordPress gives you more control over your platform, you can seriously optimize every aspect of your blog, from URL structure, meta tags, pinging, and internal links, right down to theme structure.

Reasons to use Tumblr

  • The thought of setting up and paying for hosting doesn’t appeal to you.
  • You want to be blogging right now, and you don’t want to worry about the technical side of things, you just want to get your thoughts out there, so others can connect.

Reasons to use WordPress

Obviously we are big fans of WordPress here at Pingable, we are a wordpress blog, and we blog about wordpress related content. However, that doesn’t mean we won’t recommend another platform if we thinks it’s better.  Wordpress is going to be the better platform for most blogging professional, and business bloggers. It gives you more control, and you own your content. Tumblr however, is probably a better platform for those looking for simplicity. It’s a great platform for beginners, and those of us less technology minded.

15 thoughts on “Tumblr vs WordPress”

  1. WordPress wins for me hands down. It’s so easy to learn and manage and will be around for years to come. The vast amount of plugins and themes available is incredible.

    And I’m sorry: The costs of hosting is not an excuse as it can be found cheaply on the net (Hostgator from less than 4 dollars a month.) You should never rely on a free host.

  2. I believe those who do not want to mess with technical stuff will be satisfied with Tumblr but wordpress is easy to learn too, which is an added advantage for beginners.

  3. I will prefer wordpress because it gives more flexibility and control on our blog or a simple website. WordPress is one of the best CMS available on internet. We can customize our templates design and add more tools easily than tumbler.

  4. Nothing beats wordpress. Tumblr is good for blogging from anywhere, and it has plenty of awesome themes, still the SEO benefits are less compare to wordpress even self hosted blogs are more powerful. Simply a great write up here.

    Visiting pingable after some gap 🙂 now its loaded with some interesting contents as always 😛



  5. I just bought a hosting account and set up a WordPress as CMS on one of my site. I was impressed by it’s user friendliness and SEO capability. Plus, I was using Genesis. I couldn’t explain more my happiness having a WP site.

  6. I love WordPress too! It is such an amazing blogging platform because you can do so much with your blog. If you seriously want to establish a moneymaking site, WP is the best way to do so. But if you just share things online, have fun, and worry not of any complications, Tumblr is one user-friendly blogging platform you will surely love.

  7. i’ve been trying to decide for myself which is better and why and it can be argued endlessly. i just set up a tumblr blog a couple of nights ago to experiment with it. it’s certainly simple, but WP isn’t hard to figure out either. the main thing i noticed that might convert me to be a tumblr blogger is the reblogging and like features. writing and maintaining a blog is fun, but also work. i put time and effort into it and i want people to see my posts and share them. that just doesn’t happen with WP, at least not enough. tumblr makes it so easy for readers to reblog and share. for me, that might be worth the switch.

  8. I prefer Tumblr to WordPress. It is more simplistic and and works really well on my I-Phone. But at the end of the day it depends on personal preference, I know many people who like WordPress better and the debate about the same when I say I am fond of Tumblr. The best feature is that it is absolutely free, you do not have to pay for hosting at all. And also for a person who is a little technically challenged the fact that the site takes care of the technical stuff is the best aspect.

  9. Your post gives a good structered difference between Tumblr and WordPress. For me WordPress is a big YES. It has truly got lot of themes which are interesting to use. But agree with you, Tumblr is for beginners and for those who are less tech savvy whereas WordPress will look much complicated for the beginners. Good way to help beginners through your post.

  10. “simplicity – Tumblr is very much an open and blog platform aimed at those that don’t want to know the guts of what is going on behind the scenes.”

    You can still use WordPress and don’t get into technical details. Just use WordPress.com.

    “Can have you own domain – Tumblr still hosts it though….you can’t actually take your content else where like you can with a self hosted wordpress install.”

    WordPress.com also allows to use your own domain. However it’s paid feature ($12 per year).

  11. If you want to use your blog more professionally, there’s no reason to use one of the free hosted blog services like Tumblr. Having your own blog on your own domain name and server allows you the complete control and flexibility. WordPress.org is so flexible that there are several free Tumblr styled themes and plugins to turn your WordPress into a Tumblr-like blog. I run all my projects on WordPress.org and so do many of the biggest bloggers.

  12. Hi guys,
    I don’t know if this is exactly the right place to ask but here is my question.

    I am not very familiar with WordPress. I have used blogger and some hand made sites till now.
    I want to make a new site which to have menus and sub-menus as well as articles with multiple pages. Since you seem quite experienced with WordPress could you answer these questions for me? Or eventually to recommend something else suiting my goals?

  13. great points made here. WordPress “the champion of all blogging platforms” Blogger is the second and i think the others follow…

    When i am editing blogger templates i thought it was too difficult to do but until i decided to use tumblr that i realised that tumblr is for the advanced users.

    Even to display widget at the sidebar in tumbler needs editing the HTML.

    I think the comparism should have been wordpress and blogger not tumblr because tumblr hasn’t got the guts to compete with wordpress at all.

    nice post.

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