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Micro-targeting visitors is an incredibly powerful SEO tool.  Think about this.  You search for a particular keyword, visit a particular website from the results, and don’t quite find what you’re looking for.  If there is an embedded advertisement in the website with the exact keywords you searched for, you are much more likely to click that ad than if it were an ad reflecting the content on that page.

Micro-targeting can be done easily within WordPress.  There are a number of free plugins that allow you to specifically target search visitors and users of a particular social media service.  Here are just a few ways to micro-target your advertisements using WordPress plugins.

1. Plugin: Ad Injection | Download (free)

Ad Injection is a plugin that inserts adsense, or other advertising code into your WordPress site anywhere.  It also works with Amazon Affiliates and Clickbank.  You can set ad placements within the plugin or use template tags to insert them anywhere your heart desires.  The plugin allows you to randomly insert ads between paragraphs, and limit which posts have ads by post age, length or a number of other parameters.

The most important feature is the ability to restrict ads by referrer.  This allows you to require search engine referrals show particular ad sets.  For example, I might set the plugin to display adsense ads when is the referrer.

2. Plugin: WP Greetbox | Download (free)

I have been using WP Greetbox for a long time to display welcome messages or prompt users to follow my blog.  It inserts a small content box below the post title.  What’s great about this plugin is that you can customize it to display different messages based on the referrer.  For example, I might say “welcome facebook user, please like our facebook page by clicking here”.  This gives the illusion of a slightly personalized message which is hard to come by on a website.

For our purposes, you can identify a specific message for those come from Google.  The plugin uses the example of having Googlers follow your RSS feed.  But with the advent of Google+, you can have users add you to their circles.  Targeting for search engine traffic is just one way to micro-target.  The sky is the limit.

This is also one of the best looking free plugins I have ever used on my site.  It includes the option to close the box, adjust the placement, round the corners and even add a dropshadow.

3. Popup Social Media Follows | Download

If you want to boost your social media presence, this plugin will let you target search engine traffic by popping up right after the page is loaded.  Although sometimes annoying, these tools can be an effective method of generating social media traffic.  This plugin lets you push Facebook, Google+ and Twitter buttons at users with a stylish overlay.  You can allow users the option of closing the window, or make it time-delayed.  If your traffic supports this kind of conversion tool, and if your content is good enough to push through it, this could be a really handy plugin.



8 thoughts on “Resource: How to Display Ads to Search Visitors”

  1. WP Greetbox has always been my favorite plugin for all my blogs! Well, this is one thing that makes the ad search so exhaustive! Also, it helps me cut down the time for any issues I face!

  2. Embedded links are useful, but as Gerald states, pop up embedded links can become very frustrating. WP Greetbox seems a non-invasive plugin, and a good looking to boot – as you say.

  3. I hate pop ups so much. I always feel they have a virus or something bad is gonna happen. Let’s build trust with our audience and not annoy.

  4. Actually these ads seem very irritating because they pop up after every two-three minutes. This can even force the visitor to ignore and leave the website before even getting through the post or blog. This is the reason I am avoiding the use of such ads.

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