What Makes You A Niche Expert?


I want to start my own niche blog site. It will be about toast. I am an expert when it comes to toast. I know the best ways to cook it. I know the best toppings to put on it. I know all the different types of toast, and I am the person to see when it comes to picking a new toaster.

My niche site will have no problems gaining interest because just about everybody eats toast, so I will have a huge market. Toast is fortifying too; I have toast most days in the morning when I check my emails and RSS subscriptions. I will have no issues getting advertising for my site, on account of my astounding expertise in the field of toast. All the bread companies will be dying to get advertisements in front of my highly targeted readership. If I want free lance work, I will make good money, because I am an expert in my field, and the value I bring to others will be priceless.

I will coin new terms like “Optimal Toast Heat Window” (OTHW)- which is the period after the toast has popped, in which you must spread the butter if you want it to melt. I am from New Zealand, where most good butter is made, so I will also have opportunities to sell my services to massive multi-million dollar companies like Fonterra, because of my obvious influence within the Toast Niche.

The opportunities are endless. It will be hard work though. I will have to produce a blog article most days. I will have to network religiously with my fellow Toast Niche friends. However, I have no doubt that users on popular social media sites like Digg and StumbleUpon will instantly appreciate my work, and vote me to the front page whenever I write an article. Maybe not, maybe I am not an expert after all.

So What Makes Someone a Niche Expert?

Because they say they are? I don’t think so, if that was true then the Blogosphere would be one of the world’s most valuable resources with the amount of “Make Money Online” bloggers.

Because they have a niche site that has a lot of traffic and regular subscribers? Maybe.

Because they were an expert in their niche before they started blogging? Probably.

But what if you aren’t an expert already? Does that mean you can’t be a successful niche blogger? No, but you can strive to be one. Now if only I could find a solid untapped niche to blog about…toast, that’s right!


20 thoughts on “What Makes You A Niche Expert?”

  1. Nice article, I love the style you wrote it with. As a niche blogger myself (I write about beer cellaring and aging) I’m going to try and integrate some of the ideas you have here. Thanks!

  2. A most entertaining post, still don’t know if I should take the first part seriously πŸ˜‰ I like to try to be an “incremental expert”. That is, as I learn something new, I use it and then I can pass on that knowledge in an easily digestable way. To my mind if you can’t demonstrate or pass on the knowledge then you’re no expert.

  3. @Colin: “Most Entertaining” – thanks, that’s a really good compliment πŸ™‚ I like your use of the term “incremental expert” I think that is a good definition of what a lot of bloggers do. Thanks for the input!

  4. My biggest problem with choosing a niche is knowing if I have to be an expert when I begin. I feel like I could simply immerse myself in a topic for a couple of months, since my current interests don’t seem to be profitable. What do you think?

  5. Interesting comment, Jon. I’ve recently created a blog to “document” my attempt to become an expert. I am an amateur astronomer, and have always wanted to take amazing images like those seen in the major astronomy publications. Many (perhaps most) of these are contributed by ‘amateurs’.
    I figured if they can do it, so can I. So, while I was not an expert when I started my blog, I’ve learned quite a lot, and hope to become an expert in the months and years ahead.

  6. Wonderful blog. I stumbled across it earlier and just spent the last 30+ minutes going through your entire archive and was disappointed when I reached page 13.

    I’m working on becoming an expert in my niche for my new blog, but I’m more of a slow blogger, I’ve been doing this for years and I’d rather not compete with this whole blogging for money trend.

  7. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this…lol to optimal time to spread the butter. It’s very true though…you have to be wary when someone is a niche expert or at least look at the facts. I think the best bet is someone is an expert or loves a particular niche than blogs about it…seems to have more credibility than if someone just started blogging about making money…just to make money

  8. @ Sydney: Thanks, I am really glad you found my blog such a good read πŸ™‚ I just checked out your college kid blog too.

    @ Matthew: I couldn’t agree more with your comment, you have to love what you write about. One observation though, I have written 60 odd articles for this blog over the last few months, and guess which one has had the most page views? “10 purely evil ways to make money online” with over 9000 pages views on google analytics. So there must be a huge audience for making money blogs!!

  9. That is funny some many people put trust in anything they read even if they have no idea what the author’s background is on the subject.

    Another thing that is funny how much trust people put into google results. I think the average person thinks ‘If google says its #1’ that must be true.

  10. I think people just say they are to impress others. Like you said if they where expert before in that niche fine but do not tell me you are expert if you have high ranking site that means you know seo not the topic.

  11. If you have nowledge about a topic that few people do i would say your a niche expert. So many people claim to be experts but only a few realy are. Just write about something you know and like so you can write good post and know what your talking about and you should do well.

  12. LOL..Nice article. But to be serious, even if ‘toast’ was the thing that you like, you could write and make it profitable. You could always find niche products that go with it..All you need is traffic.

    If sites like LOLCats and ICanCheezburger can be profitable, any site can.

  13. Thanks for the great post about niches. I think to be an expert in a field you must know a lot about it and love it. Starting a website about baking when you hate baking wont make you care about the site. I’m looking forward to reading a lot more of your site in the future.

  14. Great stuff Simon. Some bloggers think they have everything figured out, but their material is all over the map. Having control over a blog is also a big part of where I blog. This blog is under control, organized, very informative, and maintained. Thanks for sharing everything.

  15. Nice article Simon. I’m trying to get one of my family members to start blogging. They’ve been hesitating about doing it, but I think if they realize they have a lot of content just from their own knowledge, they might be more inclined, rather than thinking they have to make stuff up. Nice site!

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