What’s up with WordPress Hosting?

Have you seen the wordpress.org hosting page?  With WordPress consuming a massive segment of the web, the WordPress hosting industry has to be big.  We recently stumbled upon a page over at WordPress.org that recommends web hosting providers.  Our first thought: this must be a goldmine!  Here’s why:

1st) WordPress.org has a page rank of 9.  A simple link from a PR9 site can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month, not considering any traffic that might be generated from said link.

2nd) The web hosting industry is cutthroat.  Hosting providers often pay over $100 for each referral.  Let’s say only 1/10th of 1% of all WordPress.org visitors sign up for hosting services through the wp.org/hosting page.  Ranked 320th among all websites, WordPress.org likely receives millions of visits each month.  Let’s say 10 million.  That’s 10,000 web hosting signups times $100 each…   $1,000,000 per month.

Obviously this can’t be the case, so we’re wrong somewhere.  But this exercise was simply to demonstrate the value of the hosting recommendations page on WordPress.org.

3rd) WordPress.org is not just a website, not just a blogging platform, it is one of the most powerful and recognized brands on the internet.  Getting recommended by WordPress is like reaching the holy grail of web hosting.  All together now: “KATCHING!”

4th) Only five hosts are listed on that page.  This is not an open directory or depository of hosting links.  The architects of this page did their homework and that means you don’t get on this page by offering them the highest referral fee.

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9 thoughts on “What’s up with WordPress Hosting?”

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  3. I like the Ix Webhosting myself, they offer a great hosting package at a reasonable rate and offer 24 hour customer service. Are they one of the lucky 5 companies listed on WordPress’s page? I think they are great, I have called them at 2 am and spoken to someone to help me with site problems…

  4. Hi Tim,
    Upon further review, WordPress.org actually sets a minimum payout for hosting companies to be placed on that page. It’s hard to get on there, and you usually have to pay over $200 per referral to get on there.


  5. Cyrus,

    $200 is a little steep to pay… IX only charges me $107 per year with 16 dedicated IP’s… It would be hard to justify the $200 if you aren’t even breaking even. I guess it isn’t for everyone…

  6. Hi Tim,
    Sorry, I meant that WordPress only considered putting a web host’s banner up if the host would pay WP $200 for each referral.


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