Wibiya has opened its doors to WordPress users

We recently reported on Wibiya, an exceptional tool for WordPress blogs (and other sites but we don’t care about them).  At the time, Wibiya was in beta mode, asking you to request an invitation to use the plugin.  Just recently, Wibiya took two pretty big steps.

First, Wibiya is now open to the public.  Simply click “Get it now!” to sign up.  You will select a few settings like applications to include on your toolbar, then download a plugin zip file.  Previously you were given a raw PHP file that required manual upload (instead of the handy “upload new plugin” option in your WordPress Dashboard.

Second, Wibiya updated the toolbar altogether.  If you already had the Wibiya toolbar, you need to reinstall it.  The toolbar now includes a couple more applications and a better interface for adding/removing them.

So what does the Wibiya toolbar do?

  • Integrates Facebook into your blog
  • Integrates Twitter, allowing users to tweet about you right from your blog!
  • Offers easy navigation of random and previous/next posts – increasing pageviews and retaining visitors.
  • Lets readers chat with other visitors
  • Lets you communicate with visitors by setting up announcements (popup or not)
  • Decrease reasons for visitors to leave by allowing social networking right on your site (instead of leaving to do so)
  • And tons more applications (translations, real time users and more added all the time)

Like we said, we don’t care about anything that doesn’t involve WordPress, but Wibiya also works with Blogger, Drupal, Ning, Joomla and more.  Check out the new Wibiya toolbar here.

5 thoughts on “Wibiya has opened its doors to WordPress users”

  1. WOW, this looks like a great plugin. I’ve never used it before but have multiple wordpress sites. It would be great to be able to include my facebook/twitter info on it.

    Awesome, that you for the great news!

  2. i really liked this one , but it loads very slow and especially on blogspot blog ,will have to use it on wordpress blog ,but why havnt you added it on your blog ? it will really load fast 🙂

  3. Personally, I like the Twitter integration option a lot! So users can actually tweet ME while they’re on my blog? That is pretty awesome. I agree with Brian: those things make it worthwhile, yeah.

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