WordPress Theme Generators for 2012

Lubith WordPress Theme Generator (free & pro versions)

Lubith is pretty new to the theme generator frontier.  They have a nice looking interface (you need a free account to even play with it).  It is easy to drag/drop what you want in your theme.  This is pretty different compared to most theme generators that give you finite options for layout, background, etc. and you must choose among them.

It would be nice to see Lubith in action without signing up for an account.  If it’s that good, why not let the product speak for itself?

WordPress Theme Generator (free)

This one has been around a while, I call it “yo-shap” because that’s how I read the TLD it sits on.  I’m not sure if that’s the creators name or what, but it’s one of the original theme generators out there.  It is clean and quick, but doesn’t come with any flashy options.  Maybe that’s what you’re looking for.  It supports up to WordPress 3.1 as of the writing of this post.  If you just want a basic layout generator, this is the one for you.

 WP Theme Generator

A more all-inclusive WordPress theme generator, this one has countless options.  Again, you’re stuck with the options that are available, but it would be difficult to find one that did not work for your purposes.  My challenge with this type of generator is that the themes are not truly unique.  But I’ve yet to see a WordPress theme generator that will come up with something truly unique.


You’ll quickly gather from our previous review of Artisteer that it is all for show.  The interface is the best one available, it works as any other Microsoft Office program might, which is very nice… at first.  Then you realize Artisteer is just another pre-packaged WordPress theme generator with limited options.  If you want to churn out cheap themes quickly, this is the tool to use.  However each file is filled with Artisteer references so you can’t pass themes off as your own.


A very cool tool that I have admittedly not tried myself is ThemesPress. Unlike the others listed here, ThemesPress lets you turn HTML into a WordPress theme.  Why would this be helpful?  For several reasons: paying for a custom HTML design is cheaper than a full blown WordPress design.  Also, sometimes you’re given an HTML design by a client that you must convert.  It costs $10, but could be well worth the investment.


6 thoughts on “WordPress Theme Generators for 2012”

  1. These theme generators are just too exhaustive! I loved the themes in this sections a lot which can make the content & media look more attractive as well as more impulsive too! Very important on the niche, the theme needs to be selected to attract more mass readers!

  2. I like how Lubith lets you handpick what you want in your theme. A theme should be able to completely reflect what your blog stands for and the tediousness and lack of flexibility offered usually, is pretty annoying. But having a perfectly tailored theme, exactly how you want it, I guess, that is just plain awesome. Not only does it make your blog accurately attractive, it also lets readers know that you’ve taken the trouble and thus take your job seriously.

  3. Hi Dusty

    Thanks for your shareing and I agree with Jose ,
    the free options are not good at all, and the paid ones are good for average users…

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