WordPress Wins .Net Web Application of the Year 2007

Runners Up:

Facebook, Crazy Egg, Gmail, Google Docs

.Net see WordPress as the app that arguably brings more to the web experience than any other, and have awarded WordPress with the Web Application of the Year 2007, beating out some great competition.

Some interesting stats about WordPress:

At the beginning of the year WordPress.com, which includes all the hosted blogs, received 1.5 million hits a month. Last month WordPress.com received 100 million hits.

WordPress.com is now one of the top 20 sites in the US.

In the article Matt Mullenweg, founder of WordPress, stated that he still feels that WordPress is too difficult to use and improving the ease of use is a focus of the next WordPress release – 2.4 which is expected to be a major redesign.

.Net is my favourite magazine, and I often write blog articles that have been influenced by the mag.


4 thoughts on “WordPress Wins .Net Web Application of the Year 2007”

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  2. Congrats WordPress! From my own experience I must say that this is definately a killer application that has managed to empower so many people around the world to express themselves.

    By the way in that last paragraph where you talk about the hits did you mean to distinguish between the .com and .org site?

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