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2012 Update

We have received a lot of comments saying how bad Zyma have been, constant down time, and poor service. Zyma were meant to provide us with a free account for life, and they did not renew our account after 12 months, so all I can say as I would not trust these guys. Over the space of the year, we found that our site was down more often, and that it was slower to respond. So if you are considering Zyma, I would not go with them as a provider.

Original review

As far as cheap webhosts go, you have a few options to consider on the market that drops to around just under $4US a month. This seems pretty cheap right? Zyma.com, a new player in the market, have just released a hosting offer for £4.95 per year. Yes, you read that right, PER YEAR! Zyma.com is a very new UK based hosting company, and this deal looks like a very good price, that will give the market a bit of a shake-up if successful; so I wanted to check it out, see what the catch was.

What they Offer:

  • Unlimited Web space
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited SQL Databases
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Free Google Vouchers
  • Free Transfer & Setup
  • Moneyback Guarantee
  • Free Tech Support
  • cPanel Web Hosting + Fantastico De Luxe for easy WordPress installation.
  • Attracta seo tools via cPanel
  • Unlimited Addon-domains

This is a shared hosting account which means your site will be hosted on a server with other websites, and will share resources with them. So if all the other sites on the same box as your use up all the resources, your site would start loading more sluggishly. Shared hosting is common place on the internet, and all the other cheap hosting options comparable to Zyma.com are also on shared hosts.

Are there any hidden costs?

Not really. There are some add-ons which other shared hosts will give you for free, however, these other hosts cost significantly more. So if you need these add-ons, you pay for them, and you are at no loss.
These include:

  • Daily Backups – £2.99 per month
  • Private SSL Certificate £24.99 per year
  • Whois Protection – £4.95 per year
  • Unlimited Addon-domains

The daily backup option being something that might be worth considering. You don’t want to lose all your website data. However, if you are using a CMS like WordPress, you can get free plugins which will email you a copy of your DB’s regularly, so if you know what you are doing this isn’t necessary. Other cheaper shared host will give you a free domain, this is not the case with Zyma, and the £4.95 per year only entitles you to host only one domain.

How good is the Zyma Host Performance wise?

I did some tests to evaluate the speed of Zyma. I used host-tracker.com to check the response time of the site I have hosted on Zyma, I then compared this to three popular hosts, one in the UK, and two in the US.

  • Zyma – Average response time was: Global Average: 0.85 sec, UK locations:0 .55 secs. US Locations: 0 .85 secs
  • Dreamhost – Global Average: 1.27 sec
  • Clear Host – Global Average: 0.98 sec
  • 1and1.co.uk – Global Average: 0.32 sec

These are just spot tests at one point in time. Results will vary depending on peak times in different parts of the world. But they give an indication that Zyma doesn’t stake up too badly when compared to other shared hosts. A ping time around half a second for a shared webhost is pretty damn good.

Zyma guarantees 99.9% uptime. In the few days since having my Zyma account, I have had it monitored every minute using my Pingdom account. What this does is ping the site every minute to ensure it is up, and emails me it is down. So far, it has been up the whole time. This is a fairly short period to test the host thoroughly though. But, so far, so good.

How good is the support?

If you have a support question, they have phone contact numbers, email support, but more importantly, live chat via the website. They also have a good range of FAQ’s to answer common support questions. I was purposely pretty lazy when setting up my WordPress site on Zyma, as I wanted a support query to test their service on. The support person was very helpful, answered my question easily, and emailed me all the details I needed to help me with the problem I was having. So, from a one off spot check, the support was very good.

Who is Zyma best suited for?

Zyma.com is hosted in the UK, which makes them an ideal option for a small UK business. The sort of business that doesn’t have a huge budget for online marketing, but is looking to get a website online for a good value price.
Zyma.com is also a great cheap option for online markers, web developers and SEO types like myself. Why? It’s a cheap way to add more IP diversity to your site portfolio. If you understand SEO, you will know that you need lots of links to your sites. But the catch is that you can’t really link to your own sites that effectively if they are hosted in the same account, in the same IP C class range. However, if you were to host one of your sites on Zyma, for the cheap annual cost, you can then effectively link to other sites you own, without it appearing as though you are linking to your own site. Make sense? This was one of the main attractions for me, and why I was keen to get an account with them.


So from my small review, and some basic tests, I really see no reason what so ever to be nervous about committing to hosting a site with Zyma. They offer a very good service for a ridiculously cheap price. £4.95 per year is about $7.80 US per year. Add to that the cost of a domain… $7 to $10, and you have a very cheap website. The next cheapest option I could find easily was more than $50 US a year. And the standard shared hosting price is around $100- $120 a year. So this really is a great deal and well worth checking out.

Disclosure statement

A Zyma.com employee approached us to review their service. For this we received a hosting account from them free of charge for which we used to evaluate the service. If you would like me to review your webhost on Pingable, get in touch using the contact form.

17 thoughts on “Zyma – Cheap Webhost Review”

  1. Wow, $4 a year. That’s insanely cheap. The most cheapest web hosting I ever signed contract with was $11.95 for 3 months. But Zyma takes it further — $4 a year. That’s insane!

    Yeah, and $4 is good to build your network of sites since it will give you different IP address than your current web hosting. Good choice!

    So far, the response rate doesn’t bug me much since lots of content are hosted at CDN. So, with response time of 0.85s, I think that would be enough to serve a static HTML content with images loaded from CDN. Don’t you think?

  2. I’ve always wondered from what these cheap hosting companies make a profit? And some of them are offering affiliate commission that is equal to the price for a couple of years of their hosting.

  3. The price is great, the speed is great, and it’s UK based for when the US activate their internet kill Switch 😉
    Anyway, this could be a great place to offload some static content.

  4. Zyma seems like a valid option, especially when they have live support. I always go for hosts that offer live support, because i’ve had bad experience with some hosts, like having a conversation by e-mail. We exchanged 10-15 mails till we were able to solve the problem. And when a problem appears on your website, you want to have it solved fast, not in 2-3 days.
    My only problem with Zyma is the price. It’s too low. I know, maybe i’m paranoid, but when i see things to good to be true…

  5. Hi, I am currently hosted with a company which I am paying $6 every 4 months. Currently I am receiving slow-downs and average support response times, I wanted to know from the people who have got a hosting account with Zyma, what your site speed is like and if you get any slow-downs and what their response time is normally like. 🙂


  6. Had a package with them for 24 hours now and I have no complaints. I created a support ticket to request for ssh access (I’m a webdeveloper, that makes it easier) and they answered within an hour or so. No complaints 🙂

  7. a friend of mine has a couple of websites hosted of them and he’s very pleased with the services. He sometimes says that some websites load a little slow, but that’s all he ever said bad about zyma 🙂

  8. Hi,

    I’ve been with Zyma around 5-6 weeks, and generally the service was OK. Reasonable(ish) speeds, excellent Cpanel, and no noticable downtime. However, things have since changed and the experience has shown your better off somewhere else if your actually dependent on your hosting!

    Their service has been down since around 2.30pm GMT 28.09.2011. A simple IP ping test has verified this. It is still down this morning 29.09.2011 with absolutely no update.

    It’s nice to see they’re own sales pages work, and they’re taking new orders!

    They don’t answer calls, have not replied to emails, support tickets (& live chat isn’t unavaliable).

    I expect this is the case with other Zyma users.

    It’s beginning to look like it was a fly by night company (i.e. sell as many £4.95 packages as possible, then bail).

    If you want really cheap hosting of non essential material, then Zyma might do the job. However, if you don’t have a backup of your site, or it’s business critical DO NOT use them!

    If your looking to purchase, try calling their support for yourself. It’ll just be an answering machine. Think about that when things go wrong, not so helpful!

  9. Hi,

    Our site has been down for over 24 hours now. I raised tickets and no response yet. Previously, responses were made within a couple of hours. Also their voice mailbox is full. I’m beginning to think like John that perhaps they’ve bailed out. Shame but I can’t say that £4.95 per year didn’t have me considering this happening when we signed up.

  10. I have decided to get hosting with them based on these reviews posted and I have never read a bunch of baloney after my experience with them! It is only now, that I am finding out that there are more complaints appearing online.

    They are O.K. once you have setup your account and paid, then a few days later, your website does not work and you can not communicate with them anymore.

    We seriously need more people to post info on Zyma complaints, disputes or issues they are having to help people make an informative decision on whether to buy hosting from Zyma Hosting.

  11. I had been looking at web hosting companies for a while, I finally decided to go with Zyma, they have helped me a lot with my questions and I have found them to be the best web hosting company so far.

  12. I noticed that the prices quoted are in English pounds. Are Zyma’s servers based in the UK or are they in the US? I have noticed where the servers are located makes a big difference speed wise. I always opt for a host that serves from a location close to my target market.

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