Top 4 Best 4×6 Led Headlights Reviews In 2021

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Our automobiles ought to possess proper headlights and has to be properly working constantly. Headlights will help us prevent any mishaps especially if we’re out driving late at night or in dim-lighted places.

That’s why it’s essential that people find the ideal kind of headlights for our automobiles. In the following guide, we’ll help you pick the best 4×6 led headlights in the sector and supply you with information regarding why they need to be added to your vehicles.

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Top 4 Best 4×6 Led Headlights Reviews

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#1 – COWONE 4Pcs 2020 Newest 60W Cree Brightest 4X6 LED Headlights

COWONE 4Pcs 2020 Newest 60W Cree Brightest 4X6" inch Chrome Rectangular LED Headlights Replacement for H4651 H4652 H4656 H4666 H4668 H6545 Kenworth T800 T400 T600 Peterbilt 357 378 379 FREIGHTLINER
  • New upgrade version - 5D Lens, Brightest 4x6 inch headlight in the market. 60W max power output: Hi-beam 5800LM , Lo-beam 3000LM; Color: 6500K ; Waterproof: IP67
  • DOT approved, High-Performance led lamp is more brighter than original led headlight, Super clean projector lens provide farther and clear vision for safe driving
  • Direct fit product is manufactured in accordance to industry standards to ensure product durability and reliability, exclusively available at COWONE
  • Fit for: H4651 H4652 H4656 H4666 H6545 with DRL for Peterbil Kenworth Freightinger Ford Probe Chevrolet Oldsmobile Cutlass, and any other car with about 4 x 6 inch headlight including sedans, light SUVs and trucks, motorcycles, and off-road vehicles.
  • Package Include: 4 pcs 60w LED headlights with DRL hi/lo beam (More than 70,000 hour lifespan)

Last update on 2022-01-21 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Relating to this Product

New update version – 5D Lens, Brightest 4×6 inch headlight in the marketplace. 60W maximum power output: Hi-beam 5800LM, Lo-beam 3000LM; Shade: 6500K; Waterproof: IP67

DOT approved, High-Performance led lamp is much brighter than an originally led headlight, Super clean projector lens provides a further and transparent vision for safe driving

Immediate fit product is manufactured in accordance with industry standards to Guarantee product durability and reliability, exclusively available at COWONE

Combination for: H4651 H4652 H4656 H4666 H6545 with DRL for Peterbilt Kenworth Freightinger Ford Probe Chevrolet

Oldsmobile Cutlass, and also some other car with approximately 4 x 6 inch headlight including sedans, mild SUVs and trucks, bikes, and off-road vehicles.

Bundle Include: 4 pcs 60w LED headlights with DRL Hi/lo beam (Over 70,000-hour lifespan)

#2 – J.W. Speaker Model 8800 Evolution 2 LED Headlight 4″ x 6″

JW Speaker LED Headlights, Model 8700 Evolution J2 Series with CARBON FIBER Bezel, Set of 2
  • Dual Burn high & beam optics for extra punch of light
  • Plug & play installation
  • No anti-flicker harness required
  • DOT & Transport Canada compliant for on-road use
  • ComfortLite high beams offer an improved beam pattern and more light output

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J.W. Speaker Corporation is launching the industry’s FIRST 4″ x 6″ LED headlight that matches proposed National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) guidelines to get a 5-Star NCAP-compliant low beam headlight. This brand new product, known as the Model 8800 Evolution 2, includes both heated and nonheated models featuring improved sealing, superior condensation control along with a broader operating voltage, supporting DOT, ECE and military criteria.

All Model 8800 Evolution 2 LED headlights comply with:
FMVSS 108 Table XIX, IEC IP69K, Purchase America Standards

Meets Proposed NHSTA 5-Star Safety Lighting Performance*: moderate frequency and output pattern fulfill NHSTA demands under consideration due to their greatest vehicle-level security rating; providing a possible”halo” effect when applied to some heavy-duty truck, assuming this rating system may be implemented in the future.

“Intelligent” Heating Method: Automatically de-ices headlight according to ambient temperatures –no requirement for the driver to do anything–while consuming less electricity than a conventional electrical system. Because of this, trucks may function safely and continuously through the winter.

Plug & Play: Drop-in replacement for almost any 4″ x 6″ headlight, elevating truck lighting to NHSTA 5-Star compliance.

Rugged aluminum housing: Tough, die-cast housing, with additional protection against salt spray and an optimized heat sink for effective thermal control.

#3 – Truck-Lite Releases 4×6 LED Headlight

Truck-Lite 27640C LED Headlight (4"X6" Rectangular, Polycarbonate Lens, Aluminum, Low Beam, 12-24V)
  • best-in-class beam pattern
  • excellent option for light, medium and heavy-duty trucks, off-road and agricultural vehicles, classic cars, and more
  • metalized reflector optics provide a lighting experience that's smooth and clean across the driving surface
  • when properly mounted, exceeds fmvss-108 and cmvss-108 dot requirements for low beam
  • provides a brighter, crisper and whiter light output that is closer to the color temperature of daylight

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Truck-Lite declared its 4×6-inch rectangular LED headlight platform as a drop-in substitute for 1A1 and 2A1 sealed beams in most programs. The machine is a follow-up to the 7-inch round and 5×7-inch headlights.

The machine will supply a beam pattern using improved width and more achieve in a construct that is intended to be lightweight. The LED lighting provides many improvements over options including more life, better lumen maintenance and improved colour.

A 9-33v multi-volt layout makes sure that the 4×6 LED headlight system operates with any car which uses industry-standard 4×6-inch cutouts including buses, off-road automobiles and medium-duty trucks. With proper mounting, the headlights exceed FMVSS-108 and CMVSS-108 DOT requirements for both low and higher beam performance.

#4 – Maxxima VHL-4X6LO Vionic 4X6 Low Beam LED Headlight

Maxxima VHL-4X6LO Vionic 4X6 Low Beam LED Headlight
  • Thin 3.7" Low Profile Design
  • Lighter 1.5lbs Weight
  • Polycarbonate Lens Maxx-Shield Coating
  • Mechanical Aiming Pads
  • H4 Pigtail Included

Last update on 2022-01-21 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API


  • Thin 3.7″ Low Profile Design.
  • Lighter 1.5pounds Weight.
  • Polycarbonate Lens Maxx-Shield Coating.
  • Mechanical Aiming Pads.
  • H4 Pigtail Included.

Maxxima Introduces the most innovative line of high-performance LED Headlights currently available. The brand new Vionic Series 4″X6″ lights by Maxxima will be the most up-to-date in LED forwards headlamp technology incorporating a larger beam for increased street coverage and improved up to near field illumination. For increased security, motorists are now able to see things right in front of the vehicles.

Buying Guide

Buying LED headlights for your car does not need to be a complex process even in the event that you might not know where to begin. If you merely continue for considerations in mind, the process ought to go simple. However, each of those considerations is every bit as important, and you shouldn’t dismiss some of these.

Make sure the lights are of proper fit

Before you go right ahead and purchase a new LED kit, be certain that you’re fully informed of their dimensions and also the specifications of your vehicle. While conventional LED conversion kits operate mostly fine with old vehicles, you might have to invest in a high-priced conversion kit in case your car or truck is a new version.
Normally, the innovative quality LED conversation kits include additional tools which improve the compatibility with newer production automobiles.

Get the colour of your desire

Since the LED headlight marketplace grows, an increasing amount of color options are making themselves accessible. Thus, whenever you choose to purchase LED bulbs for your vehicle, you are going to need to opt for a color best matches your requirements. But, there’s a small twist since the temperature rating (measured in Kelvin or K) determines what kind of color you get.

Listed below are a few headlights on the marketplace now:

  • 3000K for yellowish
  • 5000K for white or gray
  • 6000K for gloomy — grey
  • 8000K for gloomy
  • 10,000K to get a green
  • 12,000K to purple

Because you can tell, the kind of LED headlights we discussed in our manual simply belong to the 3000K category. Why? As it’s all you will need is a totally competent pair of headlights. Seriously, there’s not anymore need to reevaluate things.
Additionally, not all colors are legal anywhere so that you might have to consult with the regional law before deciding on one.

Type of bulb

Whatever car you drive, make it a lover, vehicle, or truck, you would wish to inspect the sort of LED bulbs you are buying before handing over the cash. The very last thing you would want would be to find out that the LED bulbs do not match the form and dimensions of your car’s model.

Can not work out how to look at the size? It’s easy: simply have a peek at the following things: the operator’s manual, the tag in your present lighting, do a fast Internet search to find out the make and design. If you still have not found the information you’re looking for regarding best LED headlight bulbs, then calling the maker would be of assistance for sure.

Quality of this conversion kit

Never dismiss the standard of the conversion kit you’re going to purchase and invest in a good version. As soon as it is not necessarily true that cost of this product equals caliber, but you are probably to be more secure knowing you have spent money on something which matters. Anyhow, these headlights include powerful durability and are tough nuts to crack.
If you would like to understand how to install LED headlights, check out this thorough guide.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do these blind drivers coming on the opposite side?

No, in spite of the fact that there are a few LED bulbs which blind motorists, the products we have reviewed previously don’t. It’s because despite having glowing ray patterns, their reduced beam captured off is rather eloquent, meaning hardly any light is directed into the eyes of the oncoming driver.

LED vs HID – that is your best bulb?

LED headlights will be the better choice since, together with HID, the arc has got harder to control because of their high intensity. The warmth brought turns out to be so strong that the oncoming driver might find it to be blinding. There are no such problems related to beams produced by LED headlights. You will read more about this query in our HID vs LED comparison manually.

Could I update my sleeves into LED?

All vehicles fitted with halogen headlight bulbs in the mill are suitable for LED conversion. The main benefit is a huge increase in street illumination and consequently improved security when driving at nighttime. The kit I used features CREE LED bulbs which have an outcome of 3,200 lumens.


Whether or not you would like to purchase the Best 4×6 LED headlights for your car, motorcycle, or truck, our listing of the top 4 Best 4×6 LED headlight bulbs can provide you a bit of selection. You need to pick a product according to your requirements, your budget, and your auto in the first location. Our listing contains bulbs using the best-rated features and specifications, and at very affordable rates.

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