Top 3 Best Redacting Marker Reviews

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Redacting markers go past the office and school supplies department because their applications are essentially infinite. Markers are utilized to tag containers, for marking cardboard and wood projects, for arts and crafts, and also for additional home chores. The best redacting mark will provide long-lasting markers which will not fade with weather fluctuations nor constant usage.

Writing like a pro does not need to be challenging when you’re using redacting markers that serve your own goal. The best ones should be in a position to deal with the workplace, college, home, and industrial setting. Continue reading in the event that you’re looking for the best markers which will make a striking impression.

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Quick Summary

Artline Secure Marker Chisel EKSC-4
ExcelMark Security Redaction Marker (6 pack)
Sharpie King Size Permanent Markers | Chisel Tip Markers for Work & Industrial Use, 12 Count
Artline Secure Marker Chisel EKSC-4
ExcelMark Security Redaction Marker (6 pack)
Sharpie King Size Permanent Markers | Chisel Tip Markers for Work & Industrial Use, 12 Count

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Top 3 Best Redacting Marker Reviews

#1 – Artline Secure Marker Redacting Pen

Artline Secure Marker Chisel EKSC-4
  • Secure Marker has special black ink that obscures private information
  • Perfect for hiding personal information on mail and packages
  • Useful for obscuring information on prescription bottles, price tag gifts and sensitive documents
  • Covered information can't be easily read, scanned or copied
  • Works best on printed black ink

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An ideal present for your workplace co-worker or buddy. This redaction pencil is really succulent with a paint-like ink giving a solid black color. Because of this, you can not see through ink. If the writing is in ordinary black letters, 1 round of crossing out if do just fine. Are the letters vibrant, you may have to redact twice prior to the letters are entirely gone.

The Artline Secure Marker redaction pencil stands out since it works well on other surfaces such as glass or wood. Additionally, it has a broad tip, which means that you don´t have to be worried about redacting the exact same line twice (if you don’t work with huge letters naturally ).

On the downside, it seems to lack a little bit of juice. And you also sometimes have to press on a bit hard to create the ink comes out. Otherwise, a fantastic redaction mark for the purchase price!

  • Wide nip
  • High-quality black ink along with fantastic policy
  • Nice touch and texture
  • No bad odor
  • Not sufficient ink
  • May get clogged

#2 – ExcelMark Security Redaction Marker

ExcelMark Security Redaction Marker (6 pack)
  • Redacting pen is perfect for confidential forms and sensitive documents.
  • Black out mailing addresses on envelopes and packages.
  • Hide personal information on prescription bottles and price tag gifts.
  • Redact private information line by line, or multiple small sections within your document.
  • Obscured text won’t be picked up on scanners or copy machines.

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Maintain your crucial information to your self using the ExcelMark Security Redaction Marker. It readily blacks out sensitive files easily. It slide easily on different surfaces in which confidential information is printed. If you’re looking for a pencil that will conceal the particulars of your email, prescription bottles, or price tags on presents, the ExcelMark is your mark you ought to receive.

This mark also writes in a fine tip or a thick line, depending upon your taste. It works best on dry surfaces and may conceal your information.

It also doesn’t waste ink that you want to shake it before therefore ink is stored securely as you’re not using your mark. Besides this, you can obtain this product individually, in packs of 6 and also in some 12 markers.

  • Glides easily to conceal details on various surfaces
  • Can print out fine and thick lines
  • Comes in a single, set of 6 and a pair of 12 markers
  • It usually smells like alcohol on usage

#3 – Sharpie Permanent Markers

Sharpie King Size Permanent Markers | Chisel Tip Markers for Work & Industrial Use, 12 Count
  • Powerful black ink marks on wet and oily surfaces
  • Creates clear lines on plastic, wood, stone, foil, metal, corrugate and leather
  • Sturdy felt chisel tip and aluminum body are tough enough to handle heavy use
  • Quick-drying ink is fade and water resistant
  • Includes: 12 Black Sharpie permanent markers

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All these are permanent markers, not especially a redacting marker. But if you’re looking for a less costly means to block your sensitive files, you may use this one instead of an alternate. It does a good job of hiding information.

These markers have chisel tips so that they have a good deal of coverage. Initially, they do distribute a good quantity of ink though I find that in the future, they can find a little dry.

As soon as you set it on paper, it is quite vibrant. The color is crisp and hides black ink readily. I also have tried it on colored ink and you’ll have to put a couple more layers to conceal them entirely.

It will dry readily, so in the event that you have to add a second layer to amp up its concealing powers, then it is possible to readily do so.

Redacting mark versus sharpie? I think redacting mark remains better in concealing although Sharpie gives it a run for the money. I really do like having a black Sharpie pen since it may be utilized chiefly as a mark but flexible enough to provide redacting advantages.

I also enjoy how Sharpie looks. They are extremely compact, even when the barrel is curved and thick. This makes them simple to grip and bring with you everywhere. I enjoy how lasting the barrels are. But, I really do find the caps hard to utilize. In case you’ve got arthritic hands, that may be a problem.

  • Less costly than redacting markers
  • Dark ink
  • Simple to use
  • Can be applied as a routine marker
  • Has a good policy
  • Not quite juicy
  • The caps are difficult to eliminate if you’ve got arthritic hands

Buying Guide

ExcelMark Security Redaction Marker
ExcelMark Security Redaction Marker

How to Select the Best Redacting Marker

Though most Redacting Marker is alike, there are lots of differences worth noting. Listed below are nine criteria to consider when choosing a Redacting Marker:

Redacting Marker Price and Reviews

Though the price isn’t the only aspect to consider, it’s nonetheless extremely significant. The cost of a Redacting Marker ought to be in line with its own value. You are able to compare Redacting Marker reviews to be certain you’re getting a reasonable price. This is simple to accomplish on Amazon.


The requirement for a specific Redacting Marker is a good indication of its capacity to execute the purposes for which it was created. When a product has existed for some time and has a higher need, it’s probably a good product.


Redacting Marker substances differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. Consider where and how you’re going to be using your own Redacting Marker to determine whether a single substance would be better compared to another.

Like most products, Redacting Markers are available in a variety of sizes. Do you want a sizable Redacting Markeror a little one? Think of where you may use your Redacting Marker in order to determine the best size. You might even read the consumer reviews on Amazon to find out what others are saying about how big this device they bought.


Redacting Markers also come in many different colors. Do you want a specific color? You also need to consider if the color of your Redacting Marker will have some influence on the efficacy of its functionality.

The sturdiness of a Redacting Marker will likely be contingent on the substances used in addition to the grade of the manufacturing process. Moreover, the kind of Redacting Marker you buy may influence its durability.

Are you going to have to put away your own Redacting Marker? If that’s the case, you need to consider the dimensions and weight of this Redacting Marker to be certain it can be kept properly. Additionally, give some consideration to the kind of climate in that your Redacting Marker is going to be saved.

Customer Ratings

The customer rating is among the best standards for choosing a Redacting Marker. It’s a challenge to understand just how a Redacting Marker will do until you get it home and give it a try.

Make certain the Redacting Marker you’re considering is backed with a good producer’s guarantee. When it is not, you may be better off with the other ones.

Additional Things to Consider Before Buying

Kinds of redacting markers. All of redacting mark works exactly an identical manner — press it on the text and disperse. Redacting markers, however, differ in suggestion contours.

  • Brush tip mark — Brush hints are generally utilized to create fine strokes and are flexible. You may use it to create variable-width strokes.
  • Chisel tip mark — Chiseled hints are often favored due to their optimal coverage using their broad level side. Additionally, it cuts borders.
  • Fine tip mark –-All these markers are great for blacking information in a closely-spaced document.
  • Bullet tip mark –Bullet tip pens are usually cheaper, but it’s more difficult to work on texts that are smaller.


Which mark manufacturer lasts the longest?

If 3 brands of mark have been analyzed for maximum lasting color, then the Sharpie manufacturer is going to have the longest-lasting color because Sharpie has existed for numerous decades and has shifted to produce the mark better and much more like what their clients favor.

Are water or alcohol-based markers?

Water-based markers can also be tremendously popular for hand-lettering. Alcohol-based markers (occasionally called”permanent markers”) are usually the preferred selection of artists since they blend more easily and predictably (see below), and you’re able to produce colors, tints, and ombrés by overlaying colors.

What’s the largest mark in the entire world?

The greatest marker pen measures 2.74 m x 0.31 m (8 feet 11.87 in x 1 feet 0.20 in) and has been attained by Muhammed Dileef (India) in Kerala, India, on 5 September 2020. Muhammed chose to break this document as a means to inspire and inspire a new generation to see.

How to utilize redacting markers?

To activate a redacting mark, shake it and press it down onto a sheet of paper before the nib retracts along with the ink begins to flow. When it’s activated, you can begin using it.


Be sure to have the best redacting mark with you all of the time. You will never know if you may need to lose a record with sensitive information about it. It is always pleasant to get this pencil to protect your confidential information. You do not need these records to drop in the hands of the wrong people. Normally, shredding alone will not suffice in protecting you from other people since they may nevertheless be pieced together. However, with redacting mark, the ink could be concealed efficiently.

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