Top 4 Best Retractable Blush Brush In 2021

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If you are lost in a huge duo fibers, vibrating’stippling’ brushes, and attractiveness tools which seem more like paddles compared to product-pasters, don’t have any fear. We are here together with the definitive collection of 2021’s best retractable blush brush.

Whether you are looking to purchase a make-up artist-worthy set or a base brush which will do all of the hard work for you, we have set the industry’s best-selling beauty resources into the evaluation to find the top of these stores.
All brushes have been analyzed using the exact same make-up (listed below) in precisely the exact same method. Each brush has been cleaned completely and re-tested to quality assessment and make sure there is no shedding.

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Quick Summary

Bestseller No. 7
Vela.Yue Retractable Face Kabuki Brush Round Powder Makeup Brushes
Vela.Yue Retractable Face Kabuki Brush Round Powder Makeup Brushes
Beautiful and Bold, Brush in Flashy, Fun Colors, Housed in Violet Aluminum Case; Well made, Portable and Slim, Good for Home or Travel Using
Bestseller No. 9
WOIWO Makeup Blush Brushes, Travel Retractable Kabuki Brush,Foudation Blush Brush Cosmetic Tool
WOIWO Makeup Blush Brushes, Travel Retractable Kabuki Brush,Foudation Blush Brush Cosmetic Tool
Material:Synthetic fibers; Size:9.2*3cm; Package includes:1 x Blush Brush

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Top 4 Best Retractable Blush Brush Review

#1, Jane Iredale The Retractable Handi

jane iredale The Retractable Handi Brush, Naturon
  • Ingredients: Naturon
  • Package Dimensions: 2.3 L X 10.7 H X 2.5 W (Centimeters)

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The’Retractable’ is equal to the brand’s trademarked Handi Brush – a cult attractiveness favorite in its own right – just portable.
When discharged out of its purse-friendly increased gold casing, the brush’s glossy soft fingernails employ pressed and mineral powders therefore obviously the products wind up looking just like a second skin. The same as its predecessor.

The powder brush is very simply made to perfection and also a joy to use. So much so I have started brushing surplus powder on my clavicle to get a micro morning massage.

Hint: the bristles require a good 24 hours to dry after being washed, so factor this in to a weekly wash.

#2, Hourglass Retractable Kabuki Brush

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There is nothing worse than opening your cosmetics bag and finding that all your brush bristles got smushed. That is why we appreciate this travel-friendly select is retractable and includes a cover. Couple that with its compact dimensions, and you have got the perfect brush to throw in your handbag for on-the-go touch-ups.

Additionally, it touts synthetic Takelon fingernails, which harbor fewer germs than normal bristles, option for people who aren’t the best at routine brush cleaning (guilty as charged).

#3, Too Faced Retractable Kabuki Brush

Too Faced Retractable Kabuki Brush for Women
  • 1 Pc Brush
  • Retractable Kabuki Brush was launched by the design house of Too Faced
  • It is recommended for casual wear

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Another fantastic choice for powders, this alternative is a little fluffier, using the brand’s’teddy bear hair’ for its bristles. A distinctive, mega-soft fiber (thus the title ) it catches and combines powders perfectly. In addition, we appreciate the brush is retractable, keeping these bristles intact and damage-free. It is not surprising that this is among their brand’s most well-known brushes.

This streamlined, multi-purpose Kabuki brush employs ultra-soft”teddy bear hair” synthetic bristles. This really is a terrific travel-size brush which may be used for blush, base, and facial powder.

The bristles are super soft, but durable, and catch the ideal quantity of product. It is retractable using a pay to keep your brush and cosmetics bag tidy.

Most people say it’s adorable packaging and is so compact that they can bring it everywhere. The handle is thick and hardy while the bristles are simple to clean and dry. It is an excellent brush which may be used for quite a while. People with sensitive skin or skin allergies may use this brush with no problem!

#4, Falliny Retractable Kabuki Makeup Brush

Falliny Retractable Kabuki Makeup Brush, Travel Face Blush Brush, Portable Powder Brush with Cover for Blush, Bronzer, Buffing, Flawless Powder Cosmetics
  • 【Retractable Makeup Brush】 With retractable design (Length: 3.46 inch, Diameter:0.9 inch) , this makeup brush is perfect for daily makeup application or travel, it's the ideal size to tuck into a travel bag or keep in your purse, easy to carry, suitable for professional use, home use , travel around or even to work.
  • 【Soft and Silky Brush Hair】 The cosmetics brush made with high quality synthetic fibers, super soft, perfect for full coverage of powder foundations, mineral blending, blush on face and no shedding, help to create a perfect makeup.
  • 【Stylish & Easy to Clean】 Comes with recycled aluminum, durable and more beautiful, a perfect gift for your friend, family. Clean regularly with brush shampoo to lengthen brush health and prevent excessive shedding.
  • 【Power of Beauty】 This powder blush brush is great for everyday makeup, you can long time using, synthetic bristles are ultra plush and smooth,natural-looking coverage on every part of the face.
  • 【Perfect Gift】 Falliny Brushes make a perfect gift for those who love makeup or even just learning and experimenting with makeup. If you are not completely satisfied with your makeup brush, please feel free to contact with us.

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This cosmetics remover is ideal for everyday makeup application or traveling, it is the perfect size to tuck into a traveling tote or store in your handbag, easy to transport, suitable for professional use, home use, traveling around, or perhaps to get the job done.

Retractable Kabuki Makeup Brush includes recycled aluminum, lasting and more lovely, a perfect present for your friend, family. Clean frequently with brush shampoo to lengthen brush wellness and protect against excessive shedding.

Retractable Makeup Brush: This powder blush brush Is Excellent for everyday cosmetics, you may long time using, a perfect gift for People Who enjoy makeup or perhaps merely learning and experimenting with cosmetics.

Soft and Silky Brush Hair: The makeup brush created with high-quality synthetic fibers, super soft, ideal for full protection of powder bases, mineral blending, blush around the face, without any shedding, helps create perfect cosmetics.

Portable for carrying: It is the perfect size to tuck into a traveling tote or store in your handbag, easy to transport, suitable for professional use, home use, traveling around, or perhaps to get the job done.

Buying Guide

The principles for selecting makeup brushes aren’t that strict — they’re similar to guidelines. In general, a blush brush is a medium-sized complexion brush using a domed or angled form. There are a couple more things to search for based on the kind of blush you utilize.

Brush for Powder Blush

In the event that you mostly use a powder blush, then you wish to select a soft and pliant blush brush that will decide on a natural-looking coating of blush on your lips without even requiring much blending. The thicker the brush, the more pigmented and intense the blush will seem, so you might wish to opt for a medium-firm brush should you enjoy a more intense appearance or if your forehead has reduced pigmentation.

Brush for Cream Blush

Should you use a cream blush, then you are going to need a brush appropriate to lotion products. This normally means thicker, firmer bristles, and also a marginally flat top. A milder brush will not consume the cream blush and it is going to also do a much better job depositing and blending it into the skin.

The Ideal Size

Usually, the larger the brush, the more distance it will pay, so here is how you can work out the right blush brush size for you.

Little Blush Brush

A little blush brush will employ the warmth to a more compact place, therefore there are a couple of instances where you may prefer one. To begin with, it is an obvious choice when you have tiny features or should you prefer to use your blush in a really thin

and localized manner.It is also a good option if you prefer to take time building your cosmetics gradually, bit by bit, and it is also beneficial when you prefer to pile up a couple of distinct blushes to make a complicated, blush-based cheek contour.


A medium blush brush is going to be the best option for most people. Medium-sized brushes are often sized to match the normal lady’s cheekbones so you are able to pay for the whole area perfectly in a single go! A moderate brush may also be helpful for blending. Should you use a tiny brush to use the blush after which a moderate one to combine out it, you may get a rather natural and impactful eyebrow appearance.


You will find individuals who love a large blush brush which may definitely wrap the cheek with its gentle touch. Massive brushes employ blush very fast, and when they are extremely soft, the blush will probably need no blending then.

Considering that the Brush Shapes

Though the dimensions of this blush brush things, how it is shaped will have an influence on the dimensions of the surface you are working with.


Round blush brushes will be the classics. They have a rounded or domed shape that fits perfectly within the apple of the cheek, for that rosy-cheeked appearance. You may use them for any forming technique simply by altering the way in which you mix your out blush.


Angle brushes possess a slightly elongated shape, with all the bristles go from shorter to longer than places the whole brush onto an angle. They help direct the blush on your cheekbone, to get a lifted and angled modern appearance.


With tapered brushes, you get a couple more choices and a great deal of control. Tapered brushes could be angled or round, but what makes them unique is the bristles tend to be shorter on the exterior and more in the middle, which provides you a bigger surface along both sides and a little surface onto the tip.


Fan brushes usually offer an extremely thin and diffused stripe of blush since they’re shaped just like a fan. This is not usually ideal, which explains the reason why this contour is much more popular for highlighters. There are exceptions, but at which the brush is a bit thicker through the center so that it works superbly for blush. They are elongated, such as angle brushes, but are inclined to be somewhat milder.


Flat-top brushes are occasionally also referred to as kabuki or stipple brushes. They have a tendency to be a bit more firm, and since the top is level, the product does not penetrate deep into them. That is the reason why they function best with cream blushes, helping to dispense and combine them in, even when they are not especially company.

The Ideal Firmness Level

The hardness level of your brush has a large effect on how much blush it will wind up depositing on your own skin, so be certain that you pick the one which will match the kind of appearance you would like.


Nowadays, thick blush is not especially fashionable outside of TikTok, therefore very soft brushes would be the normal favorites. They deposit an extremely absolute layer of blush that seems natural and is much more universally flattering.


Medium-firm blush brushes also could have a location in your cosmetics arsenal. The denser bristles of a medium-firm brush pick more pliable compared to their pliant counterparts, so they wind up giving a more intense look. Another advantage of a medium-firm brush is the fact that it works with powders and lotions.


Last, but not least, will be the best retractable blush brush. They only use lotion blushes, but the outcome is stunning. They offer a little more control than medium-firm brushes, and since the best way to utilize them is using a hybrid stippling and buffing movement, the deposit blush and mix it out at Precisely the Same time, so the program does not.


What make-up brushes would you really want?

I’d say a stippling brush is a make-up artist must-have since it’s very versatile and may be used for a lot of distinct things; contouring, blending, and highlighting to name a couple!

Best make-up artist brush key?

Flat fiber enthusiast brushes are definitely underrated in my mind. Its fan shape functions really well for blending pigments and powders also it’s a fantastic multi-tasker brush.

With this brush, there’s absolutely no over-bronzing or over-highlighting. And even though you may use many kinds of brushes to knock fallout out of eyeshadow, in addition, this is the best brush to gently fling particles away without causing streaks.

How often should you wash make-up brushes – and the way?

Make-up brushes should be cleaned using a baby shampoo or liquid soap every month – or even more frequently to eliminate any germs. They have to be cleaned frequently as you pass bacteria from brushes on your face that, in time, may lead to skin difficulties, stains, and blackheads.

It’s very important to wash them in lukewarm water instead of boiling hot water as brush bristles have a tendency to drop out in the event that you do. Rinse them well, squeezing out any excess water.

I would also advise spraying brushes each week using a antibacterial cleaning spray and then dry with a tissue to maintain them in their best condition.


As can be seen, the selection of the best retractable blush brush is based on many factors. Including the purpose of use, funding, interest,….so you can consult our buying guide. Hope you will find a product that you like to use and more beautiful in the future. Good luck!

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