Quick Answer: Can I Sell Fish In Graveyard Keeper

You can sell at least some of the food made from the fillets at either the merchant (gold quality) or Horadric (innkeeper – silver/bronze quality). At the bottom of the page under “Purchasing”.

Where can I sell fish in graveyard keeper?

The Lighthouse Keeper is a NPC vendor. He is located at the Sealight Lighthouse. He trades products related to fishing.

How do you get gold star fish in graveyard keeper?

To catch it you need Gold Lure or Gem Lure. You may catch it only during the day at Sea. Goldfish – you can sell it for 5 gold coins. Cast your rod at night in the Sea using Gem Lure.

Where is the fisherman graveyard keeper?

Swamp. The swamp is found across the stone bridge to west of the graveyard. The fishing spot is south-west of the witch’s hut.

How do you get blue in graveyard keeper?

Blue points can be earned by looking into body parts such as the heart or the intestines. Since blue points are harder to come by, studying certain items such as dark organs will award you one hundred points at once, enough to easily unlock a few new blueprints.

How do you get hiccups in the graveyard keeper?

Hiccup grass is a forageable plant that grows naturally in the swamp area west of the graveyard. You need to repair the stone bridge in order to access it and then you can repair the swamp bridge from the west side for much easier access. You give this to the merchant to cure him from his hiccups.

How do you get better quality fish in the graveyard keeper?

Focus on only catching fish with quality ratings. Bring the fish to your cooking table in your house to filet them. ATS already gave the answer of how to get them yourself. Otherwise, you can buy them from the Fisher npc (near the lighthouse).

How do you get the alchemy workbench in the graveyard keeper?

How to get alchemy workbench. The alchemy workbench, hand mixer, and alchemy mill blueprints can be obtained from the Witch. She’s staying on the Witch’s land. She will give you the items after a conversation – no strings attached.

How do you get science in graveyard keeper?

To obtain science, simply research any of a wide array of paper products, or the late-game relatively-precious Lens, in the study table.

How do you get a fishing rod in the graveyard keeper?

First and foremost, you need to buy yourself a pole. Once you’re able to head over to the lighthouse, you need to do so. Once there, you’ll need to talk to the keeper of the lighthouse (standing right next to it). He’ll give you a rod if you bring him moths, or you can just buy it from him for 2 silver.

Where is anchovy graveyard keeper?

The Anchovy is one of sixteen(16) different fish that can be caught, and either sold to the Lighthouse Keeper, processed for cooking, or – in it’s particular case, akin to the Gudgeon – preferably used as bait while fishing for more valuable types of fish. Anchovy Source(s) Sea Study Information Study reward: 20.

How do you unlock sand in the graveyard keeper?

River sand is a crafting resource which is gathered from waterways, requiring any shovel. It is a necessary ingredient when making most glassware. You can access the sand mining after talking with the bishop about a special request.

What is fish graveyard?

The fish graveyard is the place where the dead fishes are buried.

How do I get the cauldron in graveyard keeper?

Alternatively the quest can be completed with a heal potion which can be obtained easily from the Dungeon or crafted via Alchemy. Cauldron Type : Metal Base Cost : 10 Source(s) Blacksmith.

Does Graveyard Keeper have an ending?

There are 3 possible endings – and 3 perks – to choose from in Game of Crone DLC. This guide will list all of possible outcomes and how to get there. Warning – spoilers!Nov 15, 2020.

How do I get faith in graveyard keeper?

The key to getting Faith points is delivering sermons, but if you’re a beginner then you may be wondering how you can deliver sermons in the first place.

How do you make a graveyard keeper plank?

In order to create a Wooden Plank you don’t need to put a flitch in the inventory, just have it in your chest. If you go to carpenter’s workbench you will be able to create a Wooden Plank. The same applies to other resources and materials, e.g. if you have a stone stockpile block.

How do you unlock recipes in graveyard keeper?

This tech tree is unlocked by making your first slice.Cookery (Tech Tree) Technology To Unlock Recipes Fish Dishes Ask the lighthouse keeper about cooking fish. Fish nuggets Kebab Give the gypsy baron 4× Quality fish fillet. Baked kebab (pumpkin) Baked kebab (onion) Baked kebab (mushroom).

How do you collect moths in graveyard keeper?

To get the moths you have to go to a meadow at night and simply collect the flowers. Moths will be added to your equipment along with them. If you do this during the day you will catch a few butterflies that are useless in this case.

How do you make glue in the graveyard keeper?

Crafting 1× Glue. 6× Water. 2× Conical flasks.

How does alchemy work in graveyard keeper?

The alchemy workbench (tier I) allows you to combine two ingredients. Through these combinations it’s possible to create new products, though most combinations will yield only useless goo. In order to get access to the technology required to pursue alchemy you must agree to help Clotho recover her memory.

How do you make flavor enhancer in graveyard keeper?

Flavor enhancer is necessary for making the best fertilizer in the game. You can make it at the Alchemy Workbench (II).Flavor enhancer: 1 Ash, 1 Toxic solution, 1 Life extract.

What does studying do in graveyard keeper?

The primary purpose of studying an item is to prepare it for alchemy if applicable, though it also comes with the benefit of a one-time techpoint bonus. Meanwhile, most items in the world can be crafted, sometimes in great numbers if useful enough, usually yielding some amount of techpoints.

What do you remove from a graveyard keeper?

When you first put a body up on the autopsy table, you should immediately remove the fat and the blood. This will automatically eliminate two red skulls, and add two white skulls, vastly improving the quality of the body.

What do you put in the compost graveyard keeper?

The compost heap can be built in the kitchen garden to prepare valuable peat from crop waste.Recipes. Item Produced Materials Required Notes 6× Peat 2× Maggot 8× Crop waste The compost takes some time to ripen.

What do you do with maggots in graveyard keeper?

The maggot is a byproduct of dutiful farming (composting). It can either be decomposed after study into reagents for use in alchemy, used as a bait for fishing, or – under duress – consumed for a relatively tiny amount of energy.

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