How Much Is It To Fish In The Bahamas

The cost for a fishing license is USD $5 per day, USD $20 per month or USD $60 for an annual license.

Do I need a fishing license to fish in the Bahamas?

Yes. All persons over the age of 12 are required to have a licence to fish the flats. Licences are issued by the Department of Marine Resources in New Providence, or the Out Island Administrators in the Out Islands. Fly fishing licenses will be available on Go Outdoors Bahamas for pre-registration online soon.

Can you keep the fish you catch in Bahamas?

All fishing parties are to abide by local Bahamian fishing laws. Keep in mind that in The Bahamas, only six tuna species per boat can be caught and kept – any extra fish must be caught and released for conservation purposes.

How much fish can I bring back from the Bahamas?

Bahamian regulations allow for no more than 60 pounds of fillets, OR 20 whole scale fish PER VESSEL, NOT PER PERSON. You cannot transport or possess any snapper/grouper species while in or on the waters of the EEZ in violation of Federal regulations.

What is the best time to fish in the Bahamas?

The best season to fish Bahamas is during the months of May to September when you can expect to catch marlin, snapper, dolphin, amberjack, and yellowfin tuna. If you are wanting to catch big wahoo, the best time to fish in the Bahamas would be the winter season, between December and March.

What is illegal in The Bahamas?

The possession or use of illegal drugs, including marijuana, cocaine, and ecstasy, is a criminal offense in The Bahamas and can result in time in prison. While visiting The Bahamas, you are subject to Bahamian law. Stay away from drug traffickers, who are often armed and violent.

What are the three main fishing grounds in The Bahamas?

Fishing in The Bahamas can be split into three major categories. These are subsistence, recreational, and commercial fishing.

How much does it cost to go deep sea fishing in the Bahamas?

How much is a fishing charter in Bahamas? To give you an idea of how much a fishing trip in Bahamas costs, the average price for a 4 hour private trip is $681, while an 8 hour private trip will cost you $1,098.

What fish live in the Bahamas?

The fish species listed below are just seven of the amazing fish species that you might see when you snorkel in the Bahamas. Blue Marlin. This fish holds the title of the National Fish of the Bahamas. Barracuda. Lionfish. Clownfish. Nassau Grouper. Spiny Lobster. Blue Tang.

What fish can you eat in the Bahamas?

Native fish and crustaceans The Bahamas is home to the spiny lobster, also called crayfish or rock lobster, but only the tail of it is eaten. For an authentic Bahamian dining experience, travelers should avoid common seafood options, like shrimp or lobster, and try native fish like grouper and snapper.

Can you catch lobster in the Bahamas?

In the Bahamas: you can only hunt lobster by free diving (breath holding using a snorkel only, no scuba tanks) and you can only use a Hawaiian Sling, a type of hand spear, to catch them, not a spear gun. Lobsters should measure 3 3/8 inches across the carapace (main part of body) or have a 6 inch tail length.

Can you fish for sharks in the Bahamas?

The Bahamas has banned shark fishing in its waters and prohibited the sale, import and export of shark products. The new law will effectively turn all 630,000 sq km (243,000 square miles) of the nation’s territorial waters into a shark sanctuary.

Are there lobsters in the Bahamas?

Bahamian lobsters, also known as spiny lobsters, are part of a family of over 45 species of achelate crustaceans. Bahamian Lobsters (Panulirus argus), are produced in the clean, clear tropical waters of the Bahamas from August 1st through March 31st. Bahamian lobsters tend to live in crevices of rocks and coral reefs.

Which Bahama islands have best fishing?

Andros Island is the go to choice for fly fishing, but Long Island, Grand Bahama and the Abacos are also popular choices, not to mention the more remote southern islands of Crooked Island and Acklins, where the fishing flats are practically undisturbed.

How do you catch bait in the Bahamas?

So the best way to catch bait is with a hook and a line and quite small hooks. Small bits of conch, cut fish, and lures will do the trick. For a couple bucks a pack you can buy Sabiki lures for catching bait, which can be fun.

What is the biggest fish in the Bahamas?

Fishing 10-12 miles south of Bimini, just off Cat Cay, Bill Tweedle of Leesburg caught a 971-pound bluefin tuna June 12. The fish, which measured 10 feet, 4 inches long, is the biggest bluefin ever caught in the Bahamas. The previous best weighed 890-plus pounds and was caught off Cat Cay.

Can 18 year olds drink in the Bahamas?

The legal drinking age in The Bahamas is 18.

Can you drink at 17 in the Bahamas?

The legal drinking age in the Bahamas is only 18.

Is Bahamas expensive?

The Bahamas is expensive as it mostly caters to vacationers who want to splash out. However, with a little creativity you can trim your budget and manage a visit without going bust. Here are some ways to save money in the Bahamas: Stay with a local – Use Couchsurfing to stay with locals for free.4 days ago.

Where is the best marlin fishing in the Bahamas?

While excellent marlin fishing is available anywhere along the eastern Abacos, a local favorite is the area just off the lighthouse on Elbow Cay (N 26.32, W 76.52).

Can you deep sea fish in the Bahamas?

The Bahamas is well known for its deep sea fishing and record-breaking catches. For anglers, there’s no greater challenge than battling a legendary predator that outweighs them by five times or more. WHAT’S THE CATCH: Marlin.

Where is the best bonefishing in the Bahamas?

Andros Island is the largest of the Bahamas islands and has miles of spectacular flats to fish for bonefish. The waters surrounding Andros are dotted with mangrove stands, patches of turtle grass, and countless cayes and inlets that provide the perfect habitat for bonefish.

Can you charter a boat from Florida to the Bahamas?

Sailing charters from South Florida to the Florida Keys and the Bahamas have been offered since 1980 by Cruzan Yacht Charters. Bimini in the Bahamas is only 45 miles to the east of Miami or Ft. Lauderdale and accessible in a day sail from Florida.

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