How To Calcate How Much Light My Fish Tank Needs

That all depends upon which plants you have chosen for your aquarium. If you have chosen nothing but “Easy” plants, 10-20 lumen (0.25 to 0.5 watts) per litre is adequate. For “Medium” plants, we recommend 20-40 lumen (0.5 to 1 watts) per litre, while “Advanced” plants require more than 40 lumens (1 watt) per litre.

What size light do I need for my fish tank?

Remember, fish-only tanks need 1 to 2 watts per gallon of tank lighting while planted tanks require 3 to 5 watts per gallon. Reef tanks where corals are present need much higher light intensity, closer to 4 to 8 watts per gallon.

How much is too much light for an aquarium?

Most people turn on their aquarium lights between 8 to 10 hours per day. The duration can vary depending on the brightness of your light, the needs of the specific plant and the ambient light in the room. Too much light can cause excessive algae growth.

How long should a fish tank light be on per day?

How long should I keep my aquarium lights on? To provide animals and plants the lighting they need, 10 to 12 hours a day is sufficient. Installing a timer or purchasing a unit with integrated timing can make lighting easier––just set it and forget it.

How do I calculate lumens per Litre aquarium?

LED aquarium lighting, on the other hand, should be calculated using lumens per liter.Calculate your Aquarium Lighting. Demand Level Required Lighting slight simple 10 – 20 lumens/liter medium normal 20 – 30 lumens/liter ambitious high from 40 lumens/liter.

How do I choose an aquarium light?

Most freshwater aquarium lights are rated between 5,500 and 8,000 Kelvin. Intensity and spectrum are less important in aquariums or with artificial plants, although some lights enhance natural colors better than others. A light that’s too intense may promote algae, especially in non-planted tanks.

Is LED light good for fish tanks?

How Lighting Affects Fish. Fish are not as reliant on light as plants. In general, aquarium owners can use incandescent, fluorescent, or LED lights for fish but should be aware of the heat issues that incandescent lights cause. LED lights produce virtually no heat and come in many colors.

How do I know if I have too much light in aquarium?

Signs of too much light on aquarium plants If your plant gets too much light, its leaves will have burnt tips, burn spots, or fall off. When only the most aggressive plants grow well, and the less aggressive ones stop growing. Increase in the number of brown algae in the aquarium.

Should I turn my fish tank light off at night?

Aquarium fish do not need light and it is best that you turn it off during the night. Leaving the light on can cause stress to fish as they need a period of darkness to sleep. Too much light will cause algae to rapidly grow and make your tank look dirty.

How many hours of light do aquarium plants need?

Most planted aquariums do not need more than 8 hours of light. Setting your lighting period for longer than 6 hours in NEW planted aquarium set-ups. During the first month your lighting period should be shorter to keep away algae while your plants grow in.

What color light is best for fish tank?

As I have mentioned, aquarium plants absorb red, and blue lights within the visible light spectrum more than any other intensity, thus blue and red color bulbs make the best alternative for planted fish tanks.

Is it OK to keep fish in the dark?

Fish do not need light at night. A period of darkness is necessary for the fish to sleep. Also, leaving the lights on all night could cause algae to rapidly grow and take over your aquarium.

How often should I change water in fish tank?

You should do a 25% water change every two to four weeks. There is no reason to remove the fish during the water change. Make sure you stir the gravel or use a gravel cleaner during the water change. When adding water back in to the aquarium, use Tetra AquaSafe® to remove the chlorine and chloramine.

How many watts is 2700 lumens?

What wattage light bulb do I need? Lumens Incandescent bulb (12-18 lm/W) LED bulb (80-100 lm/W) 900-1350 lm 75 W 13 W 1200-1800 lm 100 W 17 W 1800-2700 lm 150 W 25 W 2400-3600 lm 200 W 34 W.

What is considered low light aquarium?

Low light is what usually came with your fish tank. Low light is light that is less than 1.5 watts per gallon of fluorescent grow light. Low light is enough light to grow only the hardiest of aquatic plants.

What color light stops algae growth?

Our results show that algae grows the best under white light and more in blue light than red light. Therefore, our hypothesis is partially supported because the growth rate was higher under the blue light in comparison to the red group; however, the algae under the control condition experienced the most growth.

Does Bluelight stress fish?

Some studies have found that blue light causes more stress to fish retinas. Researchers have also found that even low-intensity blue light can cause cell death in goldfish retinas. However, these cases are rare, and there is little evidence to suggest that blue lighting is harmful to your fish.

Do LEDS cause algae?

Contrary to what you may have been told, LED lights do not cause algae growth any more than other aquarium lighting options. This also discourages algae growth more than anything else—because it’s not the kind of light that causes algae growth, but the intensity of it.

Can a fish tank light be too bright?

Again, depending on the kind of fish you have, you’ll want to think about color temperature. But in general, the lighting shouldn’t be too bright for a regular tank since it could stress the fish. Too-bright lighting can also lead to algae growth.

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