How to choose avocado

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Which avocado is best black or green?

To help you pick the perfect avocado every time, I did some research and here’s what I found. The best way to pick an avocado is by its color AND firmness. Unripe avocados will be green and firm, while ripe ones will be dark purple/black and soft to gentle pressure.

How do you pick out a buttery avocado?

There are some easy ways to pick a perfectly ripe avocado in the grocery store.

  • Pressure. Hold the avocado in the palm of your hand and give it a little squeeze, but be careful not to push the tips of your fingers into the fruit. …
  • Color. …
  • Stem. …
  • Bruises and breaks.

How can you tell if an avocado is bad?

Avocados are rotten if they’re mushy when squeezed, brown or moldy inside, and have developed rancidity or a sour smell. You may be able to salvage part of the fruit if it’s just starting to brown inside and the rest of the fruit looks, smells, and tastes fine.

How do you pick avocados in Singapore?

When the avocado is soft with a purple-black exterior, it’s ready to be eaten. If it feels firm and its skin is green-black, wait for one to two days. If it’s hard and olive green in colour, it’s best to wait for two to three days.

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