Question: Why Does Plenty Of Fish Time Out So Much

What has happened to POF?

POF is down because of technical difficulties and the site currently remains in maintenance mode. There are no advancements on when it will return to normal functionality.

Why do I keep getting kicked off POF?

If you’re rude or send inappropriate messages to other users, this will likely result in getting blocked by these users. If you are being blocked too frequently, you will be deleted. Furthermore, PlentyOfFish has zero tolerance for any kind of discrimination related race, sex, disability, sexual orientation etc.

Is POF really that bad?

VERDICT: If you’re in an area with a small pool of singles or you can’t afford to pay for a dating site subscription, POF is definitely a good option for you. That’s one of the things people love about POF – if you don’t want to pay for an upgrade, it’s still a very useable, effective dating site.

Can you suspend POF account?

After you select the “Edit Profile” link, at the top of the page you will see a line of text that reads, “To hide your profile from others, click here.” Go ahead and click this link. This will hide your profile, and you will no longer appear in the search results of other POF users.

How fo I delete my POF account?

To delete your POF profile manually: Log in one last time using the app or the website. At the top of the first screen, click ‘Help. ‘ Choose the ‘Remove Profile’ option. Take a deep breath and click ‘Delete your POF profile. Enter your username and password. If you want, you may share your reason for leaving. That’s it.

How long has plenty of fish been online?

2003 Type Subsidiary Industry Internet Founded 2003 Headquarters Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Why wont POF work on my phone?

If some of the features are working on POF while others are displaying the error, it is most likely that your app is outdated. Go to Play Store and upgrade the app to its latest version. It might be possible that POF is actually down. In this case, you won’t be able to access the POF app or website at all.

Did POF get hacked?

First up, Frind points out that the site has indeed been hacked last week in a “well planned and sophisticated attack”. Plentyoffish has already reset the passwords for all users and claims to have plugged the security hole that allowed the hackers to enter.

Can you have 2 POF accounts?

Do not create multiple accounts on Plenty of Fish, unless permission has been granted by our Customer Support Service staff. Inclusive of this, do not attempt to use an account that isn’t yours.

Why do I still get emails from POF?

The only guaranteed pairing on POF is made between your inbox and hundreds of spam messages. Even if you’ve never signed up for Plenty Of Fish, you might still get emails from the service. A spam blocker can help you disable them entirely.

How do you get around being blocked on POF?

How to Unblock Members Go to “Edit Profile.” Find “Mail Settings” and view the list of blocked profiles. Select the person’s name to unblock them. Now you can resume your conversations and send each other messages.

Is plenty of fish just a hookup site?

POF is short for Plenty of Fish. Even though it’s not actually the largest dating app, it does have an amazing reputation. Plenty of Fish is very successful at helping singles find dates. This also includes flings, casual encounters, and hookups.

What is the best dating site for over 50?

10 Best Senior Dating Sites For Mature Singles Over 40, 50 and 60 SilverSingles. eHarmony. OurTime. Match. ChristianMingle. SeniorBlackPeopleMeet. SeniorFriendFinder. OkCupid. OkCupid is one of the best free senior dating sites around, so you can save on the monthly subscription fees.

What happens if I delete POF app?

1. If you use the POF mobile app, know that deleting it from your phone won’t delete your profile! You won’t have the app on your phone anymore, but your profile will still be viewable by other people with the app. So remember to use the link above to delete your profile correctly and permanently.

Why can’t I delete my plenty of fish account?

Unfortunately, the app version of Plenty of Fish does not give you the option to delete your account. You’ll need to use a mobile web browser like Chrome, Safari, or Mozilla to do this on a mobile device.

How do you cancel POF on iPhone?

How to cancel Plenty of Fish Go to your iPhone Settings > [your name] > iTunes & App Store. Tap your Apple ID at the top of the screen, then tap View Apple ID (you might need to sign in) Scroll and tap on Subscriptions. Tap the subscription that you want to manage. Tap Cancel Subscription.

What is the average age on Plenty of Fish?

There are still a good number of users on the site who fall outside of this age bracket, but you’ll probably find that most Plenty of Fish daters are aged between 30 and 64.

What country uses plenty of fish the most?

Traffic to by country 61.25% 4.84% United States. 14.36% 4.33% Canada. 10.87% 10.34% United Kingdom. 4.09% 2.22% Australia. 3.13% 8.58% Brazil.

What is the average age on POF?

Adults aged 45 to 54 years were most likely to use the social dating site, as 15 percent of respondents from that age group confirmed being current users.Percentage of adults in the United States who use PlentyOfFish as of April 2020, by age group. Characteristic Usage rate 18-29 5% 30-44 11% 45-54 15% 55-64 12%.

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